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Imagine this: you’ve got a specific idea for a flag you want. Maybe it’s for your favorite sports team (provided you have the proper licenses, of course), maybe it’s for your city, state, or neighborhood. Maybe it’s something a few people will understand, but it merits a flag nonetheless.

Whatever it may be, BestFlag.com’s online flag designer lets you design your own custom flag. Every detail is decided by you and only you. Custom flags is the game, and BestFlag knows it best. BestFlag is the leading online flag maker, and we’re here to stand by that claim.

Our online flag designer is what sets us apart from the competition. With BestFlag, you’re able to sit down with your flag design and make sure it’s exactly how you want it before we send it to you. Curious? Here’s how.

(If you already have your design built, simple download the corresponding template by clicking “Design It Yourself” above the designer and make sure it fits correctly before you send it to us.)

Choose Your Flag Type

Online Flag Designer Flag Type

When you open our online flag designer, you’ll want to decide what base type of flag you’ll be working with. These determine the size and shape of your flag. Your choices are custom flag, premium feather flag, traditional feather flag, stick flag, garden flag, car flag, and golf flag. When you select one of these choices, the designer will reflect that.  

Single Reverse or Double Sided

Because textiles are porous, on some fabric types the ink will actually bleed through and be visible from the backside. However, the image is reversed on the back side. This is what we call "single reverse". This is the standard for any type of flag print.

Double sided flags are printed twice and have a liner sewn in between the two prints, which then, in turn, blocks out the image from the reverse side.


Online Flag Designer Design

If you’re building your own design from scratch, simply use the toolbar along the top of the designer to do so. There, you can choose colors, shapes, text, and much more. You can even upload your own designs if you have them! See how creative you can get with your designs.

Finishing Up

To the right of your design, click the red tab that says “Click Here to Save and Finish Your Design.” Once you’ve done that, choose your finishing option. Your flag can be finished with either a canvas pole sleeve or grommets.  

Simple save the design to your cart and check out!

BestFlag is the easiest way to make your own custom flag. Our online flag designer is the most intuitive and responsive flag maker available. Let us know how we can help you!

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