The History of Flags - Part 04

Don’t forget: if you haven’t read Part 01, Part 02, or Part 03 of this series, stop now! Go back and read them. You need them. This final installment will pick up right where part 3 left off.

We know how we got here, but what do we do with it? Previously, there was no easy and quick way to make your own flag unless you knew someone who ran a seamstress shop.

Well, it’s not colonial days anymore, pal, and you can easily create your own flag. Enter BestFlag.

BestFlag is the fastest and easiest way to make your very own flag.

Maybe you’re making a new country or city. Maybe you’re building a military (would not advise), or maybe you’re starting a new religion (good luck), or maybe you’re just wanting to make your neighborhood barbecue the party of the century – we can help.

Our online flag designer is the fastest, easiest way to design a custom flag. With it, you can upload an existing design and place and scale it to a flag, or you can start totally from scratch and build a flag right there in the designer.

When you’re done, you get to pick your finishing options. Some people want to kick their fancy game up a notch and have a flag that has a classy gold fringe. We can make that happen. And, based on where you want to display your flag, you can outfit your flag with the appropriate options. Flags meant to be hung on a flag pole will have a canvas header and grommets, and if needed your flag can be finished with a tube for other means of display.

We’ve entered into the age of custom flags. It’s your story, and you deserve the ability to tell it how you know it should be told. Let BestFlag help you.


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