The U.S. Flag Part 10: The Flag in the Future

The month of September is here, and we’ve been prepping for a huge month of content. This month, we want to take a deep-dive into the history of the American flag. We’ve focused on the flag before in our Flags of the World series. Today and for the rest of the month, we’re going even deeper. We’ll take a look at all the flag variations as individual flags. This is more of a history lesson than a flag talk. We hope to see you soon for the next installments of this 10-part mega series.

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The flag will change in the future, but how? How will the flag change if we add one more state or even 5 more states?

This year, California voters will see the option to split into 3 states on their ballot. Puerto Rico has long been in the discussion of becoming the 51st state. How will the flag change to reflect these potential additions?

The internet will likely be full of citizen-designed reworkings. More than likely, we will simply add the corresponding number of stars to the canton, just like we have for every other state. Don’t forget, the flag changed as recently as 1959 with the additions of Alaska and Hawaii.

The flag design, despite its beginnings, has become a stable fixture of our country. There’s no need to change it now. 

And besides, we worked so hard to get here, didn’t we?

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