The U.S. Flag Part 5: The Myth of Betsy Ross

The month of September is here, and we’ve been prepping for a huge month of content. This month, we want to take a deep-dive into the history of the American flag. We’ve focused on the flag before in our Flags of the World series. Today and for the rest of the month, we’re going even deeper. We’ll take a look at all the flag variations as individual flags. This is more of a history lesson than a flag talk. We hope to see you soon for the next installments of this 10-part mega series.

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We all learned in history class that Betsy Ross made the first American flag. Is that true?

Historians tell us that Betsy Ross was an upholsterer who made flags for the Pennsylvania navy. Contrary to what traditional historical accounts may tell us, we don’t know much about Betsy Ross’ involvement with the first ever American flag.

This story was passed down by Ross’ grandson, who during a speech, said his grandmother told him she met with Washington and others to design the flag.

Others believe it was Francis Hopkinson, who has his own legitimate historical claims to the flag design.

Who’s to say? It’s fuzzy at best, but we know for sure that Betsy’s claim to fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Still, the first every flag design is still referred to as the “Betsy Ross” flag, so she gets the last laugh.

Either way, at this point in our story, we’ve got our flag designed. Check out part 6 for how the flag began to evolve over time.

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