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$ 172.00
$ 172.00

CMA Logo Blade Flag and Pole Kit -

Product Description

If enhancing your brand and creating attention is what you are looking for, then this Christian Missionary Alliance "Logo" Blade Flag is what you want! This blade flag kit comes with the pole kit, rotating ground spike and soft travel bag. With our feather pole kits, no wind is needed to stay open! Perfect for always displaying your message and or logo. Also, when joined with the correct accessories, these flags may be used indoors, for conventions, product awareness, and expos, or used outdoors, to attract customers to your store, event or cause.


SMALL: 7' Flag with 8' Total Height  |  MEDIUM: 10' Flag with 13' Total Height  | LARGE: 13' Flag with 16' Total Height


- Full digitally printed pole sleeve
- Tear-resistant flag end protector   
- Durable fiberglass poles able to withstand 25mph winds
- 100% Ink penetration on single reverse flags
- Reinforced stitching by world class craftsmen and women
- Made in the USA
- High-quality colors and knit materials 
- “Spin Free” accessories to keep your flag from getting tangled 

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