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$ 135.00
$ 135.00

Custom Vinyl Avenue Banner (Both Sides Kit)

Product Description

Avenue Banners are a great way to promote events or establish a brand. This Avenue Banner Kit comes with a banner for each side of your street or avenue pole. Choose between single sided or double sided banner prints for each side of the pole.

They can be used to capture the attention of drivers or bring cohesiveness to walk-about shopping areas or neighborhoods.

If you need a custom size to fit your own hardware, let us know! We can produce avenue banners tailored to your specs.

Material: Our material of choice is 15-ounce vinyl which is flame retardant, mildew resistant, and water resistant.

Hardware: Our hardware is made of casted metal with white fiberglass dowels, which is economically priced yet durable. They function extremely well in areas with lower wind conditions.

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