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$ 120.00
$ 120.00

HH | Tent Flag Kit -

Product Description

If enhancing your brand and creating attention is what you are looking for, then the Blade Flag is the best form of outdoor advertising available! This premium flag, when used with our feather pole kit, does not need the wind to stay open! Perfect for always displaying your message and or logo. Also, when joined with the tent mount this flag will help attract customers to your event area.

SIZES for Straight Bottom Blade Flag

  • EXTRA SMALL: 5' Flag with 6' Total Height
  • SMALL: 7' Flag with 8' Total Height
  • MEDIUM: 10' Flag with 13' Total Height
  • LARGE: 13' Flag with 16' Total Height


Our pole sets are the strongest, most durable pole sets on the market. A combination of fiberglass and graphite allows the pole sets to bend but not break even in the toughest of conditions. Each pole set comes with a handy travel bag for easy storage and transportation.   

  • Pole set with Tent Mount - Used for mounting your flag on a tent leg.  Mount tightens to tent leg and securely holds the pole in position.


  • Full digitally printed pole sleeve
  • Tear-resistant flag end protector  
  • Durable fiberglass poles able to withstand 25mph winds
  • 100% Ink penetration on single reverse flags
  • Reinforced stitching by world class craftsmen and women
  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality colors and knit materials
  • Beautifully crafted double-sided flags with sewn-in block out liner
  • “Spin Free” accessories to keep your flag from getting tangled 

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