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Essentials for Voting – Signage, Flags, Masks and More!

This year it’s more important than ever for your community to feel safe, informed, and excited about the voting process, whether it’s local, mayoral, gubernatorial, state-wide or the presidential election. Call attention to voting stations and ballot drop-offs with roadside flags, announcement banners, and vibrant signage. Give voters peace of mind with social distance messaging, clearly marked traffic flows, and custom masks. Provide a safe space for elections with customized pop-up tents, perfect for indoor or outdoor registration and ballot completion.
BestFlag offers quality, versatile signage and accessories to help make this year’s election processes a success. All of our products are completely customizable, made with durable materials, and crafted to meet your unique needs.
Here are some messages that may be helpful for voters:
  • Drop Your Ballet Here
  • This Way to Vote
  • Please Stand 6ft Apart
  • Please Wear a Mask
  • Thank You for Voting!

How to Order Your Election Essentials

  1. Select a flag, banner or other product.
  2. Choose your details like size, printing options and accessories.
  3. Create or upload your artwork or message. If you need assistance, our design team can help!
  4. Complete the secure check-out and proof your designs one last time before printing.
  5. Use your new, vibrant materials to make this year’s voting process a success!

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How Voting Stations Can Use Flags and Banners

  • Roadside signage and arrows to guide voters to ballot drop-offs or building entrances
  • Floor decals and wall decals to show standing positions
  • Custom pop-up tents for outdoor and indoor registration and voting
  • Banners to display voting hours or ballot drop-off procedures
  • Partitions and dividers for voting stations
  • “I Voted” masks and stick flags
  • Symptom checklist reminder - “If you have any of these symptoms, please vote from home."

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