Art FAQs & Guidelines

Are you a creative pro? Download one of our product specific template and anything you can dream in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Please follow the guidelines below to set up your files to optimize them to print for flags, banners and other large format signage.

Art Policy

To ensure that you are satisfied with your order, all print files must be set up according to the specifications on this page.
We are happy to provide basic design assistance at no charge. If you need help creating a design from scratch or redrawing a logo in vector format, please see our Artwork & Design Services page for more information on available services.
All artwork must be approved by the customer before we will start production. Proofs will be sent within 1 business day of the later of order placement or receipt of artwork.
Once artwork is approved, production will begin and changes cannot be made.

Reviewing your art

Before submitting your artwork please confirm the following has been completed:
1. The correct template for the product, size and print option has been used.
2. All instructions listed on the template have been reviewed and completed.
3. All fonts were converted to outlines.
4. All images have been embedded.
5. Artwork has been reviewed for any possible spelling or grammatical mistakes.
6. Confirm that all provided Pantone® values are correct.
7. Confirm artwork has been saved in one of the approved formats listed below.
8. List any special requests or specifications needed.

Submitting your art

You will have the option to upload art while placing your order. This is the preferred method, as it eliminates any confusion with matching art to an order.
If you need additional time to create your design (or can't upload it for any reason), you may always send it to us later.
1. For files under 5MB, please email to and reference your order number in the subject line of the email.
2. For files over 5MB, please send files via our WeTransfer page:

Vector vs Raster

Vector images, created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator®, can be enlarged almost indefinitely while still retaining sharp lines, clean edges and consistent colors.
Raster images, such as photos or images created in Adobe Photoshop®, are pixel-based and lose clarity when the image is enlarged. Though we can print high quality, high resolution raster files, we cannot guarantee quality or color matching.
While a raster file might be sufficient for printing smaller items like business cards or letterhead, because of the large format nature of our printing, vector files are STRONGLY preferred over raster files. Please use these types of files for any logos, illustrations or fonts whenever possible.

Minimum Resolution

If you need to use raster files or pixel-based images, it is strongly recommended to have a minimum at least 200 DPI, though below are the recommended DPI settings based on expected viewing distance.
6 IN = 1200 DPI
1 FT = 600 DPI
2 FT = 300 DPI
3 FT = 200 DPI
15 FT = 150 DPI
Examples of high resolution images include: unedited, original raw digital photos, purchased stock photos.
Examples of low resolution images include: photos taken from the internet, scanned images, cellphone images or screen shots.

Application Formats

Adobe Illustrator® CC to CS5
File Formats: .ai / .eps / .pdf
Adobe Photoshop® CC to CS5
File Formats: .tif / .psd / .eps .pdf / .jpg
Unacceptable File Formats:
Quark, Corel Draw, Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker, Low Resolution Scanned images, and InDesign files unless exported to an .eps or .pdf format. Supplying these formats can cause additional art charges or a delay in proofing.


Templates are provided for all of our core products. Please select the appropriate template for the product and size you are purchasing. Each template provides instructions specific to that product.
DO NOT RESIZE ANY TEMPLATES. Templates are pre-set to work with our printers at an appropriate scale.
When using a template to create a design in Adobe Photoshop® please delete the template layer before saving.
If you are creating artwork for a non-standard size which does not have an available template, please set up. your artwork to size and we will add any required finishing allowances or bleed prior to proofing.


For the best color match we strongly recommend using Pantone® Solid Coated Values, CMYK values are also acceptable.
Any artwork provided with RGB values will be converted to the closest CMYK equivalent.
We cannot print any colors that are metallic, foiled, or reflective.
Colors represented on digital proofs when looking on a computer screen or mobile device can look different from the final printed result.
Prevent inconsistent black colors by using rich black throughout your file. You can create a custom color for “rich black” by using: Cyan=0% | Magenta=0% | Yellow=0% | Black=100%.

Color Matching

We cannot guarantee color matches unless specific PMS colors are requested in advance and included in a vector art file. Even if PMS colors are specified, we cannot guarantee a 100% color match, due to nuances in the PMS system and how ink interacts with different materials (particularly fabrics). However, we will work with you to ensure the final color meets any specifications or brand guidelines as close as possible.

Outline Fonts

Fonts can vary from computer to computer. When a font is missing, the computer replaces it with a generic font. To ensure that the final printed product uses the desired font, please make sure to outline, embed or convert fonts to curves prior to submitting your artwork.

Embed Images

Most programs allow the user to add an object or image to a file by either linking or embedding it. Embedded images are stored within the document itself, while linked files are not. Because of this, linked files can become unlinked and "go missing" when opened on a different computer. Please embed all images to avoid missing any elements from your final design.

Check Spelling & Grammar

Please remember to check for any spelling and grammar issues. While BestFlag will provide a proof of how your artwork will look visually, we are not responsible for actually proofing your documents for spelling or grammatical errors.

Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that you have the legal rights to use and reproduce any images, slogans or other information in the artwork which you submit to BestFlag for printing. You agree not to upload, submit or request to be printed any artwork that a) could give rise to any civil or criminal liability, either for you or BestFlag or b) could infringe upon the rights of privacy, publicity, copyrights or other intellectual property rights without the express permission of the owner of these rights. BestFlag reserves the right to refuse to print any material that it believes could be in violation of any laws or intellectual property rights of another party, or any material that it deems to be profane, obscene or otherwise objectionable.