Custom Feather Flags

Grab attention and tell your story, message or promotion with custom feather flags and custom feather banners. Feather flags are a durable, convenient signage option for any event in any location. They are completely customizable in shape, size, color and content. Enhance your brand and design your custom feather flag today!
  • Fully Customizable Flags - Your Logo, Message or Design

  • Multiple Size and Shape Options

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Build Your Custom Feather Flag
  • Fully Customizable Flags - Your Logo, Message or Design

  • Multiple Size and Shape Options

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Build Your Custom Feather Flag


Start With Your Feather Flag Shape

Let's get started! Outside of the artwork you design, the shape will be the biggest driver of how your custom feather banner looks. We offer five unique feather flag shapes to choose from, so you can find the design that works best for your aesthetic or messaging.

Choose Your Feather Flag Size

Our custom feather flags come in four basic sizes, ranging from 6' to 17' tall when installed on their corresponding poles. Different shapes have slightly different sizes, so please reference the image and table below for specific heights. If you need a custom size feather flag, we would be happy to help. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that a custom size will fit with another vendor's hardware.

Total Height XS S M L
Blade 7' 9' 13' 17'
Razor 7' 9' 13' 17'
Teardrop 6' 8' 11.5' 15'
Shark Fin - 9' 13' 17'
Tower - 7' 10' 14.5'

Select Your Print Option

The print option you choose will determine how your design looks on the back side of your custom feather banner (the front will look the same with either selection). You can't go wrong with either option, though each option has times where it might be the preferred choice. Read below to learn more about our single reverse and double sided print options.

Single Reverse

Single reverse feather flags are printed on a single piece of fabric, where the ink fully dyes the material so your design is visible from both the front and the back. The image on the back will be a reverse (or mirrored) image of the front.

Double Sided

Double sided feather flags are made by printing two pieces of fabric and sewing them together with a blockout liner in between. This construction allows for your image to read correctly on both the front and back, or gives the option of using completely different artwork on each side.
Description Single Reverse Double Sided
Image Is Visible On Front & Back
Image Reads Correctly On Back
Front & Back Can Have Different Images
Lighter Weight
Most Cost Effective
Great For Long Distance Viewing
Ideal For Up Close Viewing

Add Your Pole Kit & Bases

Select from our two primary pole kits when configuring your feather flag. Our pole & ground spike kit is designed for installation in grass or mulch, while our pole & cross base kit is perfect for use on hard surfaces. Need something more? Our collection of interchangeable bases and mounts adds to the versatility of our feather flags. Indoors or outdoors, portable or fixed, floors or walls, soft ground or hard surfaces - your feather banners will be ready wherever you need them to be seen.

Pole & Ground Spike Kit

This kit is one of our two primary pole kits, and comes with our premium graphite & fiberglass composite pole, a rotating ground spike and a convenient carry bag. This kit is recommended for installations in a field, yard or landscaped area. This kit can be selected when configuring your feather flag product.

View Pole Kit Options

Pole & Ground Spike Kit
Pole & Cross Base Kit
Ground Spike
Cross Base
Scissor Base
Flat Base
Tent Mount
Fence Mount
Tire Base
Wall Mount
Floor Mount

Design Your Feather Flag

Our feather flags are fully customizable, so there are no limits to your creativity or designs. We offer three options to help you bring your designs to life.

Custom Feather Flags For Every Event Or Promotion

Custom feather flags can be seen everywhere, and there is a reason they are so popular. They are great at attracting attention in a positive and brand affirming way. Restaurants and retailers will use feather flags along the road to draw in customers or alert them to current promotions. Churches and community centers use feather flags to welcome visitors. Municipalities use feather flags to tell their constituents where to vote. And they are a staple at sporting events and races of all kinds. If you want your brand seen or your message heard, custom feather flags are the attention grabbing display for you.

While you may see feather flags everywhere, you may not always hear them called by the same name. Bow flags? Same product! Feather banners (instead of feather flags)? Yep! Flutter flags, banner flags, advertising flags? Yes, yes and yes! McDonalds calls them roadside banners and Arby's calls them wind wavers, but regardless of what you might call them, custom feather flags always create a big impact!

Other Highlights & Features

The backbone of our custom feather flags is our digital printing process. Digital printing allows us to achieve amazing color and print quality while maintaining flexibility to rapidly produce products of almost any job size. Read below to see how this impacts your ability to customize your feather flag just the way you want it.


The right printers and materials are the foundation of making the highest quality custom feather flags. Here are some elements that set us apart.
Full Color Custom Print
Our custom feather flags are digitally-printed, full-color custom prints. This gives you maximum flexibility in deciding what to put on your flag, and will be sure to attract attention, whether to your company’s logo, a team mascot or your personal design.
Direct-to-Fabric Printing
Our custom feather flags are digitally printed directly onto our materials to ensure vibrant colors on both sides of the flag. Why is direct printing important? Many manufacturers use print processes (e.g. transfer printing) that were never intended for flags. The result is the front side of the flag may look great, but the back side looks muted or faded. By focusing only on direct printing, we make sure your image looks great on both sides of a single reverse flag!
110g Knit Polyester Flag
Our standard material for custom feather flags is a 110g knit polyester flag material. This material prints beautifully, stands up to the elements and will be sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.


Our goal is to be as fast and flexible as possible, so we can deliver our customers the exact custom feather flag they need, when they need it.
2 Business Day Production
Our standard production time on custom feather flags is 2 business days for quantities up to 25. Larger quantities may require additional time, which will vary based on the size of the order. Shipping times are not included in the production times, and vary based on location and shipping method. As always, we will do everything we can to meet any project deadlines.
No Minimum Quantity, Unlimited Maximum!
BestFlag can craft as many custom feather flags as you need. We have no minimum order quantities for custom flags, and there is no limit to how many you can print! Whether you need 1, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000, BestFlag will get you what you need. And the more you purchase at once, the lower the cost of each individual flag, so please check out our volume discounts.
Additional Customization Options Available
We offer a lot of options for sizes, shapes and finishing in our standard product mix. However, if you need something even more custom than what you see, reach out to our team and we'll assist you with your project. We've seen project of every size and scope imaginable, and would love to work with you on yours.


Still have questions? We are here to help! Check our our frequently asked questions below, or reach out to our team via our chat or our Contact Us page.
Which material do you recommend?
For our custom feather flags, we typically recommend our 110g poly knit, which is the standard material for this type of product in the US and around the world.
Are discounts available if I order multiple custom feather banners?
Yes, we offer quantity discounts on all of our custom feather banners! Quantity discounts will automatically apply in your cart up to 100 units. If you need more than 100, please reach out to our team for a custom quote.
Do you match competitor's pricing?
We will typically be able to match pricing on custom feather flags, as long as we are matching an apples-to-apples product. For example, some suppliers use lighter materials or non-direct-to-fabric printing, or are selling imported products.
Where are your flags manufactured?
The vast majority of our flags are made right here in the USA. We do have some overseas manufacturing partners who we utilize for certain higher volume projects where cost is an important factor to our clients.
Do you charge setup fees for custom feather flags?
No! We do not charge setup fees for custom flags or any of our products.
Does my custom feather flag come with a pole?
On all of our custom feather flags, you will have the option to purchase a pole kit with your flag (or just a standalone replacement flag).
Where do you ship to?
We can ship just about anywhere in the world. If shipped outside of the United States, please keep in mind that any pricing list on the website will not include customs duties, taxes or fees, which will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Are your custom feather flags like swooper flags?
Yes and no. Our custom feather flags have similar shapes and usually serve a similar purpose as swooper flags. However, there is typically a noticeable difference in quality, in the material, the print and the poles they work with.
Can I customize my feather flag beyond what your site will let me do?
Yes, if you need a custom shape or size, we will most likely be able to help you out. However, we cannot guarantee a fit with any poles that we do not provide, and can't accept returns on custom feather flags for that reason.
How long do flags last?
According to US Government Standards, a high-quality outdoor flag will have a life expectancy of 90 days, and BestFlag’s warranty is designed to match this standard. There are a number of factors that will impact lifespan, many of which vary by region, especially weather conditions like sun/UV intensity and wind. We use a high-quality UV-protected nylon and durable double-needle lockstitch sewing to minimize the impact of these (unfortunately) unavoidable environmental factors and to maximize the life of your flag. And while we can’t guarantee it for every use, most customers will find their flags last about double this government standard - around 6 months!
Can I print a flag of my favorite team?
Unfortunately, we are not able to print anything that you as our customer does not control the intellectual property for. So, unless you are an NFL team owner or executive, we won't be able to print that for you.
Can I get assistance if I need help creating my artwork?
Absolutely! Our team is happy to help with art setup for your custom flags. We don't charge anything for basic artwork creation or setup. If you need a more advanced design from scratch, there may be some costs involved, but we try to keep them as low as we can.