$ 19.50
$ 19.50

Custom Vinyl Banners

Product Description

Vinyl is the standard material for non-fabric banners. It is UV protected for long outdoor life, and the rich, vibrant colors look great both inside and out, but is most widely used for outdoors promotional graphics. Its smooth surface provides for high level print detail so it can be viewed from close distance and it has the longest life span when dealing with sunlight and wear and tear. Its makeup allows for low curl so even if it’s stored in a tube, it will stay flat when rolled out.

  • Outdoor Banners
  • Indoor Banners
  • Avenue / Lightpole Banners
  • Print Option: Single Sided, Double Sided
  • Max Width: 124" (Unseamed, No Limit w/ Seams)
  • Weight: 13oz (single sided), 15oz (double sided)
  • Ink: UV

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