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$ 121.00
$ 121.00

Custom Tower Flag

Product Description

The Custom Tower Flag is part of our line of our premium feather flags, and one of our flagship products (some pun intended)! Completely customizable, these attention-grabbing all-stars allow you to tell your brand’s story your way. The key to their success? Versatility! From attracting drive-by customers to your restaurant or retail shop, drawing attention to your booth at a convention/expo or directing event visitors where to park, the uses for these eye-catching displays are endless. And with interchangeable bases and mounts, your flag can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. We can’t forget to mention our favorite part! They don’t need wind to stay open, ensuring your logo or message is always visible!

Looking for a different shape? With four other shapes of custom feather flags available, you’re sure to find the perfect eye-catching design.

Highlights & Features

Our standard production time on all of our custom feather flags is 2 business days for quantities up to 25. Larger quantities may require additional time, which will vary based on the size of the order. Shipping times are not included in the production times, and vary based on location and shipping method. As always, we will do everything we can to meet any project deadlines!

Our custom feather flags are digitally-printed, full-color custom prints. This gives you maximum flexibility in deciding what to put on your flag, and will be sure to attract attention, whether to your company’s logo, a team mascot or your personal design.

Always be seen! Unlike older iterations of feather flags, our custom feather flags are designed to work with a pole system that does not require wind for the flag to be fully visible. Even on a calm day, people passing by will see exactly what you want them to see. And, this system also allows feather flags to be used in any indoor environment as well.

Our standard material for custom feather flags is a 110g polyester called Evertex. This material prints beautifully and is the worldwide standard flag material. We will also print custom feather flags on our 200D nylon from time to time, and that is available upon request.

Even though no wind is needed to always have your message on display, it’s great to know that your blade flags can sustain winds of up to 25 mph when used with our premium pole system. The graphite & fiberglass composite poles bend & flex (just like a fishing pole) with the wind so your pole doesn’t permanently bend or break. We don’t recommend leaving a flag out in heavy winds for extended periods of time, but they can take a beating in the short run. For winds in excess of 25 mph, we recommend taking your flag and pole down, both for safety and longevity reasons.

Our Tower Flag is part of our line of custom advertising flags, which are commonly referred to as feather flags. However, they also have a bunch of other names in the industry, like feather banners, roadside banners, bow flags, wind wavers, banner flags and more. So, if we use any of these other names, know that we are still talking about the same thing, and whatever you want to call them, they are the perfect product for attracting attention!

BestFlag can craft as many custom feather flags as you need. We have no minimum order quantities for our line of custom advertising flags, and there is no limit to how many you can print! Whether you need 1, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000, BestFlag will get you what you need. And the more you purchase at once, the lower the cost of each individual flag, so please check out our volume discounts!

Flag Sizes

Our Custom Tower Flags come in three sizes, ranging from 7' to 14.5' tall when installed on our premium poles.
Small 33" x 65" 7' Total
Medium 35" x 97" 10' Total
Large 35" x 155" 14.5' Total
If you are looking for a custom size, we are happy to create a flag at the exact size you want. Please keep in mind that we can't guarantee a fit to another vendor's poles, and custom sizes will be relatively more expensive than the standard sizes we produce every day, but we can definitely help, so please reach out for more information.

Print Options

Single Reverse

Single reverse flags are printed on a single piece of fabric, where the ink fully dyes the material so your design is visible from both the front and the back. The image on the back will be a reverse (or mirrored) image of the front.

Double Sided

Double sided flags are made by printing two pieces of fabric and sewing them together with a blockout liner in between. This construction allows for your image to read correctly on both the front and back, or gives the option of using completely different artwork on each side.
Image Is Visible On Front & Back
Image Reads Correctly On Back
Front & Back Can Have Different Images
Lighter Weight
Most Cost Effective
Great For Long Distance Viewing
Ideal For Up Close Viewing


The backbone of your flag, our premium feather flag poles are made of a graphite & fiberglass composite that bend & flex (just like a fishing pole) with the wind. This means that even in heavy winds, your pole will not break. Depending on size, your pole will come in 2-4 sections, and assembly takes less than a minute. The perfect blend of strength and ease of use!

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Our collection of interchangeable bases and mounts adds to the versatility of our feather flags. Indoors or outdoors, portable or fixed, floors or walls, soft ground or hard surfaces - your flags will be ready wherever you need them to be seen.
Ground Spike
Cross Base
Scissor Base
Flat Base
Tent Mount
Fence Mount
Tire Base
Wall Mount
Floor Mount


Our products are fully customizable, so there are no limits to your creativity or designs. We offer three options to help you bring your designs to life.


Easily create a great design using our online design tool. Upload a logo, add text, pull from our image gallery and more. Learn More.


Have an idea but don’t quite know how to design it yourself? Give our team a call and let us bring your idea to life. Learn More.


Are you a creative pro? Download one of our product specific templates and design anything you can dream in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Need more information and guidelines on using our templates? Learn More.

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Warranty & Care

Our Warranty

BestFlag stands behind its products, and has warranties in place that are appropriate for each product and how they are used. To learn more about our warranties, please see below.
According to US Government Standards, a high-quality outdoor flag will have a life expectancy of 90 days, and BestFlag’s warranty is designed to match this standard. There are a number of factors that will impact lifespan, many of which vary by region, especially weather conditions like sun/UV intensity and wind. We use a high-quality UV-protected nylon and durable double-needle lockstitch sewing to minimize the impact of these (unfortunately) unavoidable environmental factors and to maximize the life of your flag. And while we can’t guarantee it for every use, most customers will find their flags last about double this government standard - around 6 months!

For outdoor flags, we offer a 90 day warranty. Our standard warranty is a parts & labor warranty for defects in material and workmanship, but does not cover damage due to accidents, abuse, or normal wear & tear. BestFlag reserves the right to make any final decisions on whether products covered under warranty will be repaired, replaced or refunded.

For indoor flags, we offer a 1 year warranty. Our standard warranty is a parts & labor warranty for defects in material and workmanship, but does not cover damage due to accidents, abuse, or normal wear & tear. BestFlag reserves the right to make any final decisions on whether products covered under warranty will be repaired, replaced or refunded.

Flag Care Tips

To ensure the longevity of your flag, please take note of the following care instructions!
If your flag gets dirty, we recommend using a mild detergent and cool water on a gentle cycle for cleaning. Smaller flags are recommended to be hand washed or placed in a garment bag before washing. Please avoid any bleach or harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the fabric. After washing, please air dry your flag (if you need to use a dryer, please use the lowest possible heat setting, and note that shrinkage is possible). To remove any wrinkles or creasing, steaming is the best option though you may also iron your flag on a low heat setting. Most outdoor flags will lose their creases and wrinkles once flying on the pole.

If you are aware of impending harsher weather conditions, please safely take the flag indoors whenever possible. While flags are stitched to be able to withstand wind, strong winds will damage even the sturdiest flags over time, and even moderate wind will slowly impact lifespan. Additionally, as rain gets a flag wet, the extra weight can impact the stitching. Never fold a wet flag, as this can cause discoloration and lead to mildew if left folded for an extended period of time. If wet, bring your flag indoors and hang it or lay it on a flat surface to dry until it is safe to place back outdoors.

Most common household chemicals can burn or discolor your flag fabric. For proper cleaning tips please see “How To Clean Your Flag” above.

If you begin to notice a small rip or tear in your flag, you can take steps to repair it in order to prevent the damage from extending. Small tears can be fixed with some quick stitches, and loose threads or frays can be trimmed. If the repairs needed are simple, you may be able to quickly take care of them yourself, but feel free to reach out to us or to a local seamstress.