Have questions about BestFlag or ordering custom flags, banners, tents or other signage & displays? We are here to help! Check our our frequently asked questions below, or reach out to our team via our chat or our Contact Us page.

General Questions

Are discounts available if I order multiple custom flags, banners, etc?
Yes, we offer quantity discounts on almost all of our custom products! Quantity discounts will automatically apply in your cart up to 100 units. If you need more than 100, please reach out to our team for a custom quote.
Do you match competitor's pricing?
We will typically be able to match pricing, as long as we are matching an apples-to-apples product. For example, some suppliers use lighter materials or non-direct-to-fabric printing, or are selling imported products.
Can I make a custom product with my favorite team's logo?
Unfortunately, we are not able to print anything that you as our customer does not control the intellectual property for. So, unless you are an owner or executive at an NCAA or professional sports team, we won't be able to print that for you.
Where are your products made?
The vast majority of our custom products are made right here in the USA. We do have some overseas manufacturing partners who we utilize for certain higher volume projects where cost is an important factor to our clients.
Do you charge setup fees?
No! We do not charge setup fees for any of our custom products.
Is it easy to design a personalized product with your online design tool?
You don't need to be a professional graphic designer to use our online design tool! In fact, it was designed specifically to allow non-designers to create beautiful customized flags in just a few minutes. Check it out and see what you can do! For more information, visit our Online Designer tutorial page.
Can I customize a flag/banner/sign beyond what your site will let me do?
Yes, please reach out to us with details, and we would be glad to help. We can create customized products of unique sizes and finishings (e.g. special pole sleeves, putting canvas header on a different side) to meet your needs.
Can I get assistance if I need help creating my artwork?
Absolutely! Our team is happy to help with art setup for your custom signage. We don't charge anything for basic artwork creation or setup. If you need a more advanced design from scratch, there may be some costs involved, but we try to keep them as low as we can.
Where do you ship to?
We can ship just about anywhere in the world. If shipped outside of the United States, please keep in mind that any pricing list on the website will not include customs duties, taxes or fees, which will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Product Specific Questions

What are custom flags?
Custom flags are flags that are not typically used by a country, state or municipal government, but instead are used to represent a company, an organization, a group of people or a cause. Custom flags can be made from a variety of materials, but are almost always made of fabric or cloth (typically nylon or polyester). Every once in a while, certain types of flags may be made from paper or plastic, but this is unusual. They can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as being attached to a pole, hung from a building or mounted on a wall. Custom flags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting a product, supporting a cause, or celebrating an event. Basically, you can use a custom flag for anything!
Are nylon flags or polyester flags better?
For our standard custom flags, we typically recommend going with a nylon flag, which is why it is the default material selection. It is the predominant flag material in the US, and looks great both up close and on a pole. However, our knit polyester flag material is a great alternative too, as long as the dye sublimation printing is a direct print and not a transfer print.
What is the largest custom flag you've created?
The largest custom flag our team has created was about 60' x 90' and was used on an NFL football field. The flag was made for one of our reseller partners, so unfortunately we can't post the picture, but there's no flag too big for the amazing people on our production team!
How long do flags last?
According to US Government Standards, a high-quality outdoor flag will have a life expectancy of 90 days, and BestFlag’s warranty is designed to match this standard. There are a number of factors that will impact lifespan, many of which vary by region, especially weather conditions like sun/UV intensity and wind. We use a high-quality UV-protected nylon and durable double-needle lockstitch sewing to minimize the impact of these (unfortunately) unavoidable environmental factors and to maximize the life of your flag. And while we can’t guarantee it for every use, most customers will find their flags last about double this government standard - around 6 months!
Does my custom flag come with a pole?
Our spirit flags and house flags have an option to purchase a pole with them. Any other custom flags will not come with a pole.
Do you have any recommendations on how to design a flag?
We recommend keeping your flag design simple, with a big logo and larger fonts for text. Why? Because in most cases, flags are going to be viewed from a distance, especially if they are hanging on a pole. So, we are of the mindset that you want your flag design to be something that is clear from further away.
I'm still not sure if I should choose a single reverse flag or a double sided flag. What other guidance can you provide?
If you are on the fence, we typically recommend going with a single reverse print (even if this generates a smaller sale for us). They are cheaper and still get the job done really well, and as long as you are keeping your designs simple, you are generally getting the point across from either side. However, we do really like double sided flags for indoor applications when both sides are going to be viewed up close.