How to Make Your Booth Look Great

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So you’ve snagged a booth at your industry’s biggest exhibition of the year. But how do you make sure you capture the increasingly short attention of attendees passing by? You may only have a few seconds to rope someone into your booth and have a chance to win that new customer.

Well, not to worry because we’ve got you covered with simple strategies to make your booth stand out at the next trade show.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

This isn’t rocket science, but banners and signage are a surefire way to make your booth look great! There’s nothing more off-putting than walking by a booth with nothing more than the event-provided table cover and pipe-and-drape back wall. BestFlag offers many options to make your brand pop. Here are just a few to consider.

  • Backdrops and wall displays. Whether you are in a standard 10’ x 10’ booth or the biggest booth in the conference hall, you are going to need to frame off your space in some way. For smaller booths, that usually means a backwall. This may be the most prominent display element you have, so make it count. Our most popular backwall display is our StretchFit Wall (a type of tension fabric stand), and we have pop-up options as well. Or if you want to make a real statement, ask our team to quote you an SEG (silicone-edge graphic) lightbox! Designs could include a bold version of your logo and key selling point, or feature a more subtle step-and-repeat pattern, like we’ve all seen at sporting events and Hollywood premieres.
  • Banner displays. Incorporating banners of any size is a great tool for your promotional toolbox. They offer an opportunity to pique the interest of or inform prospects passing by, either with simple, bold promotional pitches or more detailed information on your company or product. Our banner displays are easy to set up and take down, giving you the option to print evergreen that can be used at future events. Check out our line of retractable banners and tension fabric banners, both of which are perfect for this application.

  • Table covers. Having a table inside your booth is nearly universal, so why not leverage that space to reinforce your brand? Custom table covers can do just that. We offer a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges, and like our banner displays, table covers are easy to reuse at future events, making it a highly economical graphic element.

  • Hanging signs. If you really want to be seen from afar, try adding one of our hanging signs. While they require being professionally installed by the event staff (as opposed to most of our display options, which can quickly be assembled by your sales staff), they provide exposure from all over the conference hall.

  • Feather flags. Ok, we’re definitely biased here… Feather flags are one of the all-time great attention grabbing signage, and work well in trade show settings too, as they are tall but don’t take up a large footprint. They may not be on-brand for every exhibitor, but if it fits your brand, they will definitely help you stand out!
Are you an event host or sponsor? BestFlag can help execute whatever signage vision you might have, including welcome & registration signage, column wraps, decals for elevators, escalators or stairs, or anything else you can imagine. Give us a call to see how we can assist with your next event. 

Looks Matter

We know that signage is important, but so is your exhibition space's overall look and feel. Here are some guidelines to ensure your booth is dynamic, eye-catching, and conveys your messaging in a few seconds.

  • Keep it simple. Keeping your booth simple, streamlined, and easy for attendees to understand your business and call to action is essential. Consider picking a few visual elements to convey your message. If you are in a small booth, a retractable banner, table cover and tension fabric backwall may be all you need to get your message across.

  • Keep visuals eye-catching. You have small windows to grab people attention, so while your booth setup should be simple, make sure your designs are bold!

  • Keep it eye-level. You want attendees to read all the amazing signage you’ve created, so keep the most important elements at eye level. Keeping important graphics or information at least 20 inches off the floor can help ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed and bring folks straight to your booth.
  • Keep it left to right. If you’re using multiple visual elements that convey messaging or tell a story, remember to arrange it from left to right. Most people read materials such as books and newspapers left to right, and the same goes for exhibit booths, so make sure they can quickly skim and understand your information.

Now for the nitty gritty

So now you know what visual elements you’re going to include, how to keep them simple, and where to place them in your booth. But how do you ensure the materials look great when they’re printed? Keep these suggestions in mind.

  • Use high-quality everything. Ensure your vendor uses the best ink and materials to make your products look amazing (BestFlag does and many other providers do too, but unfortunately this can’t be said about everyone). And if you include logos or other images on your signage, make sure you’re using original, high-resolution images to ensure they look sharp when printed. Check out our artwork guidelines for more information on resolution settings, file types, and more.
  • Know your space. The layout and placement of your space could determine where you display large graphics and messaging, as well as what types of signage you can use. Take note of elements such as panel breaks, monitor placement, and other structural elements that could break up graphics in your space and design with that in mind.
  • Use simple messaging. If your booth or signage includes text, make sure it’s simple, clear, and concise. And for ease of reading, be sure that the font size is large and legible.

Work with the pros

A lot goes into making a booth look great, from different types of signage to the overall look and feel to making sure images print sharply. And when it comes to creating and producing visual elements such as banners, be sure to work with the pros at BestFlag. We can help you create beautiful custom flags, banners, and displays to make your booth pop.  

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