5 Important Factors In Choosing A Custom Flag Company

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Choosing the Right Custom Flag Company

So you have been tasked to be the purchaser of a flag for your company, sports team or organization and you have begun your search.   Now what?   Any Google search will show your hundred's of companies that sell all sorts of flags.   Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right online retailer for you.

1. What's Their Flag Specialty? 

When you visit there website do they look like a custom flag focus business or are flags one of a hundred other products they sell?   The choice becomes do you want a generalist or a specialist in flags!

2. Where's It Made?

Sometimes this is obvious on a website and sometimes it is very hard to tell.   Mass produced China imports are common on the web and at a seemingly low price.  Whereas the USA Made flags appear to be more expensive.  The USA Made flags do  have the advantage when it comes to your FLAG DOLLAR over the course of the year.   China Imports tend to use a lower quality material to achieve that low price, but how long do you think that will last and look good in front of your business?   The USA Made use higher quality materials and last longer.  

Take this quick example: You can buy a flag for $50 from China or an $80 equivalent flag from the USA.  After 6 months the China flag has been fading and falling apart, while the USA flag is still in good shape.   Now your forced to buy another China import.   At the end of the year your annual flag cost for the China Import is $100, while the USA made flag is only $80.   Thus, you spent $20 extra on flags when you thought you were saving on imports.

3. What Are The Extra Fees?

There are reasonable fees and unreasonable fees.   Some companies take advantage on setup fees and over-the-top artwork charges.   If you have you have vector-artwork or use an online flag designer, then you should not be paying extra fees.

4. How Will My Flag Be Printed?

Just because a company owns a textile printing machine, doesn't mean they understand flags.   The goal of all good flag manufacturers is to push the ink through the fabric so the backside of the flag is as close to 100% in color as the front.   This is harder than it sounds, but a dedicated flag printer works hard to get as close as possible.   If a company says they get only 50-60% ink penetration then backside of your flag is going to look terrible!

5. Will They Stand Behind Their Product?

All flag companies do operate on a limited warranty, they have too.   Flags are out in the element and extreme weather happens monthly for most of the United States.   Color can be one of the most subjective things out there.   Expectations of the end product can vary greatly.   A good flag company will have the processes in place and work with you to resolve your concerns.   

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