City Flag Redesigns: The Next Design Craze

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When you think of a city, state, or country, a flag might come to mind. Flags are visual communication tools that have been used for centuries, however, many flags are designed poorly or look too cluttered according to graphic designers specializing in vexillology (the study of flags). Many designers are taking it upon themselves to redesign these flags not only for fun but to enter competitions that their respective cities host. These flag redesigns are not only a great creative outlet for the designers, but benefit the cities as well, as the outcome is a brand new city flag! Read on to see how designers have modernized their city flag design.

When it comes to the actual design of these flags, designers will tell you that the cleaner a flag is, the better. Flag designs should be so simple that anyone can draw it or recall it from memory. A great example of this is Orlando’s flag that was recently redesigned and adopted by the city. If you have seen this flag, we are sure you would remember it.


The Orlando City Flag


Another example of a flag that has been recently redesigned is Milwaukee’s flag. A graphic designer by the name of Robert Lenz created his own version of Milwaukee’s flag called “The People’s Flag” which is currently under consideration to become the city flag of Milwaukee! This is pretty cool if you ask us.


The People's Flag of Milwaukee


Bellingham, Washington’s flag is another great example of a city flag that has recently gone through this process. This flag shows what makes Bellingham unique from a cultural, historical and geographical standpoint, which is very clever.

The city adopted this flag in April 2017, however, the design is not just used for the flag these days. Other organizations are using the design for hats, pint glasses, t-shirts, and other promotional products.


Bellingham City Flag


After reading this, how do you think your flag looks? Do you have a flag in mind that you want to design or perhaps a city flag you’d like to re-create for fun? Whatever flag you may are looking for or your goal may be, we can help! We offer many different flag and feather flag options here at BestFlag, so drop us a line if you are looking for something custom.

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