Custom Flags and Homecoming

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We’ve talked about how flags can be used for the summer, and we’ve talked about how custom flags can be used for the fall time. Let’s get a little more specific and talk about how custom flags can be used for big school events in the fall. Think about homecoming. Be it at your high school alma mater or the university you went to, homecoming–especially if you’re organizing it–is a great time of year. Let’s talk about how we see our customers use custom flags at homecoming events.

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Homecoming. You get to see all of your old friends and reminisce. And, custom feather flags make a great addition to the festivities.

We see custom feather flags used in a variety of ways during homecoming season.  Most often, we see customers using large custom feather flags to highlight or guide alumni and guests to the appropriate locations. Sometimes, certain classes have specified reunion spots or events of their own, and we see our customers use large custom feather flags to indicate where these spots are. 

Another way we see these used is to line football fields for the traditional homecoming football game. Some high schools and universities use our solid color feather flags that correspond to their school’s colors for an extra dash of school pride.

However, you use our flags is up to you. If you’re looking to take your event to the next level, click below to find your flag!


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