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Customer Service | Crossfit Huntsiville + BestFlag

June 06, 2018

Our friends at Crossfit Huntsville came to us in need of new promotional products for their gym. Crossfit Huntsville was moving into a new building and wanted it to feel more welcoming, so they contacted us to help make that happen. They originally came to us needing signs, however, that need quickly became much greater.

The new space had previously been used as a car dealership, so we had a lot of space to work with. The goal for the venue was for people to feel welcome in a space that was designed specifically for them. It was also important that the environment was warm and engaging.  

Another must-have of the new venue was the view. Since their previous location had an outdoor track with a notoriously amazing view, it was important to our client that they were able to (indirectly) keep that part of their brand alive, even in their new location. To help make this happen, we created custom wall graphics highlighting the landscape so that it was not forgotten. The wall graphics even showcases local athletes who are staple members of the community.

Overall, we ended up creating a silicone edge wall frame with soft-knit prints, vinyl adhesive stickers, a custom printed dry erase board and styrene signs. In short, we made an otherwise “boring” gym stand out as a top-notch facility.

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