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When they aren’t on the road touring, they might literally be on the road running.

American pop-rock troupe SafetySuit has found a great way to interact and connect with their fans
–running. As a band, SafetySuit–even when on tour–places a priority on staying fit and active. They say people connect over their passions, so what better way for the band to bond with their fans than by running with them? 

SafetySuit started the SafetySuit Running Club, an initiative that seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and camaraderie through running. How many bands can say that? 

The band organized, planned, and built the running club from the ground up, but they were missing something. Something that identified their sense of unity, purpose, and goals. 

That’s when SafetySuit turned to BestFlag. Working with BestFlag, SafetySuit built custom flags that gave their running club a sense of identity, place, and legitimacy. It was the cherry on top. 

We’ve worked with SafetySuit before, and they’re one of our favorite customers. We’ve helped them build their merchandise booths at concerts, and even helped with their on-stage displays. It’s a pretty sweet gig (no pun intended) for us because the music is pretty great. 

SafetySuit hosts their running club in cities they tour as a way to meet the fans of that city. The band has seen great success and interacted with their fans in a totally unique way. 

If you’re looking for a custom flag that builds a sense of community, togetherness, and identity, you’ve come to the right place. BestFlag helps customers as high-profile as SafetySuit and as every day as the rest of us. Our products are printed on high-quality materials using state of the art printers, dyes, inks, and techniques. 

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