Fall Events Your Brand Should Be a Part Of

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Ah, Fall. Finally.  Who doesn’t welcome the cooler weather, the golden afternoons, and the orange-gold blaze of fall leaves (other than school-aged kids)?   We’re all headed outside to soak up the last of the long days before winter. 

Fall’s also a great time for smart brands to connect with customers and build awareness. Remember, you’re just two months away from the busy, profitable holiday season.

Here are some great fall event ideas and pro tips to get in front of current and new customers with your brand, and make a great impression.

Fall Festivals   

Schools, neighborhood associations, churches, and civic groups of all kinds use Fall as a time to get together outside. Check out your local events calendar and you’re likely to see dozens of fall festivals, Oktoberfests, Halloween, harvest festivals, and more.

Every one of them is likely eager for sponsorships to help underwrite costs. Consider supporting a couple of these events with your sponsorship dollars. They can be a very cost-effective way to get your company’s brand in front of potential customers.


From professional football games to youth soccer tourneys to band competitions and more, almost nothing says Fall like tailgating. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect over something we all share in common: food!

Tailgating can be a powerful opportunity for client or customer hospitality. Tailgating gives you high-touch, low-pressure opportunities to establish new relationships and thank loyal customers. Get your HR department in on the fun too.  They can use tailgate parties as employee appreciation or recruiting events.

Don’t overlook the opportunities that concerts and music festivals bring as well. While vending or brand activations at some better known musical events can be pricey, many smaller local happenings present fantastic opportunities for your brand to show up and show off. 

Make Your Own Fall Excitement

You might not even need to go off your property to tap into the fun of Fall.

Can’t get away from your location long enough to set up and staff a tailgate event? Fall festivals at the local park stretch your staff too thin? Then put your parking lot to work. With a little planning, food, music, and signage, you can create excitement right outside your front door.  

Fall Event Pro Tips: 

If you can, pre-scout the event site to pick out a high-visibility, high-traffic spot. Fall events like festivals and tailgates are all about “seeing and being seen.” Too, you want to be able to let your customers and employees where to find you.

A little planning can go a long way.  Think about your guests’ experience from the minute they spot your location to after they’re gone. Custom flags and banners are an easy, low-cost marketing investment. Great for wayfinding, and to maximize your visibility, the motion of flags with your logo and corporate colors add to the visual excitement of the event.

 Anyone can drape a table. But to make a real impact, create a destination with a customized tent, awning, or pop-up. The shade is definitely appreciated on sunny afternoons, while the open sides welcome all comers. By creating a temporary space, you’re giving friends, employees, and customers a place together before and after the game. You’re also creating the opportunity for more face time with them.

Everyone likes free stuff, so give it to ‘em! Food and drinks are an important part of any get together.  But fall occasions are also a great time to get samples of your products in the hands of potential customers. If you’re selling services, work with your promotions company to match up your brand with the feel of the event.

Everyone loves Fall. With just a glance at the event calendar for your city or town,  you’re sure to find a couple of new, fun ways to connect your brand with your customers.

And whether you need to freshen up your existing signage and portable structures or establish a whole new look for the season, we’re here to help you get it done on time and on budget.

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