Guest Post: The Real MVP

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When people think of MVP, most think of “most valuable player”. MVP in my line of work means “minimal viable product”. This term is the gold standard in project management, and with a few changes in your thought process, can help you create efficient, fast changes to your process or projects that you do every day.


Everyone has grand ideas on how to change their workplace or processes. If you have a good idea, it can be broken down into many smaller ideas that are either good or bad. You need to look at all the things you want to do and pick the smallest requirements. Cut all the fat.


Viability is very important. If at the end of the day you don't have something that can do the job, you really don't have anything. If you wanted an app that took in all your orders and processed those to cross check your costs and if it doesn’t do that, it’s a failure.


"Product" is a fluid term. It does not always mean the same thing. If you built something for personal use, and it works–it is successful. If the goal was for everyone on your team to be able to use it, and only you can, then it does not count as a product. You need to find the scope of your audience and make sure they can use it for whatever needs it was made to fulfill.

Other Benefits

Once you get in the mindset of thinking in terms of MVP you can create a fast and ever-changing workplace. One benefit of thinking and working with MVP’s is that people will be able to use your product and give feedback quickly. the sooner you get feedback on your product, you can change course and save money. Once you get in the habit of changing and pivoting with MVP’s, you can move your goal posts depending on real feedback from people using your product. Real feedback is always better than you and your team thinking of what people want.

Thinking in terms of MVP is beneficial for your company because it allows you to create and solve problems fast.You are able to work efficiently because you are not wasting time on things that could be built, rather checking your progress in short chunks. Ultimately, MVP is only as good as you work on it and stick to it. Once you set an MVP you need to not add anything to it otherwise, you can lose track of what is truly important.


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