Interpersonal Skills At Events

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It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that going to an event is all about your company. You’re focused on making sure your brand is represented in a true and warm light. You want to make sure that customers understand your company. While putting the focus on your business, we often miss the counterintuitive truth: the focus needs to be on the customer. When you focus on the customer, they’re more likely to focus on your business.

BestFlag is a company that wants you to grow your company. If this means simply offering a helping hand in the form of advice, that’s what we’ll do. At the highest level, we’re a group of people that want you to easily and effectively put your company in the customer’s focus. When they see your company, they see you. One of the most effective ways of showing your customers your company is to show them that you see them.

How do we actually do that?

Firstly, learn their name, and remember it. It’s as simple as asking “Hey there! I’m ________.” Social standards will inevitably lead to them telling you their name. But remember it. That’s the key. Incorporate a small shoulder or elbow touch with your handshake, and repeat their name back to them. Use it throughout a conversation.

Secondly, let them lead the discussion. If they don’t want to talk about your business, they wouldn’t be there. They’re obviously curious. Don’t try to oversell them, people can smell that from a mile away. If they have questions about what your company offers, they will ask. You stick to being cordial and learning about them. Ask them what they do at their company and how long they’ve been there.

It’s real basic. You’ve got this. Make THEM the priority, not what you’re trying to sell them.

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