No Internet...No Problem

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Truth be told, this idea comes from the day our city lost internet for a couple of hours. I was at a weird point in a couple my tech projects where all I could work on was integrating with internet pieces through API’s, or web scraping, or really anything that involved with the internet. I sat down and wrote a few blogs so I can be productive.

Plan ahead by using offline-capable tools.

Normally, I have a backlog of tasks that do not require internet, but still require tech documentation to be able to work efficiently. I found a program that works for this. It’s called Dash. Dash allows me to download tech documentation to be used at a later time. Dash is a huge help when working offline because it can hold every tech documentation and has a great search within that documentation.

Read Books/Articles/learn things that are already downloaded.

I have a backlog of books, articles, and webcasts that I’ve downloaded. If I have an itch or don't have the internet, I can read and learn to use my time efficiently and level up my skills so that when I do have internet, I can do my job better than before.

Organize my computer/workplace

Let’s face it, everyone knows someone (or is someone) who has a ton of files and folders on their desktop or their downloads folder. This drives me nuts, but when I'm in a groove... sometimes it happens. It’s good to take a break and clean up your computer as well as your work space. It might sound cheesy, but cleaning your space is a better use of time than just waiting and playing the Google dinosaur game that shows up when you don't have internet.

Brainstorming and Team Building

There are times in everyone's week where you zone out all your coworkers to get things done. That's fine but every now and then you need to make sure you and your co-worker are on the same page getting things done for the whole company. Take some time to make sure everyone is in alignment with the goals that you are trying to reach. Re-evaluate some processes to see if you can do things more efficiently, or if you can create some processes to help everyone. Try and make it so that everyone is involved and no Idea is a bad one.

Make some content

This does not work for everyone, but in my company, everyone tries to chip in and write a blog or two every month so that we have content that can help our company be found. Ultimately, this might sound silly, but anything can be an idea and shaped for a future blog

You need to be prepared for work that doesn't require outside internet. You need to be willing to organize yourself so that when you do get inter back, you can hit the ground running. Anything is better than sitting and waiting for the internet to get back online, unless you are going for the high score with the google dinosaur. Mine is 738.

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