Summer Games for Kids

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We’re continuing our summer talk here at BestFlag. How could we not? It’s our favorite time of year. It’s time for vacations, slow evenings, weekend trips, friends and family in and out of the door, and the kids at home. That’s all good a fine, but...what are the kids gonna do during the long hot days? Summer is the time for outside play. BestFlag is here to help you out planning games for the kiddos.

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Today, let’s keep the mood light and look at some great outdoor games for the kiddos.

Lawn Twister

This one is as easy as it gets. Take a piece of cardboard or posterboard, and use a pencil and string to draw a perfect 6-8” wide circle. This will be a stencil. Using 4 different colors of paint, create 4 different colored rows of 6 dots each in your yard. Boom. You’ve got a lawn twister board ready for hours of entanglement. Skip the directions board for the person who calls out the hand positions. Do it yourself and make it extra challenging.

Frozen T Shirt Game

A great, underrated game that kids really get into is the Frozen T-Shirt game. Soak a cotton t-shirt in water, then wad it up and place it in a ziploc bag. Place this bag in the freezer overnight. Do this with several shirts. The next day, have the kiddos race to unthaw, unfold, and put on the shirt. This game, though simple, is a ton of fun for the kids.

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