The Best Places To Display Your Custom Flags

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When trying to communicate something to an audience – big or small – flags may not be the first thing that pops into your mind. It may come as a surprise that flags are a highly effective tool to promote your message or product! If you’re currently in the process of planning an event or want to scout innovative ways to market your business, read ahead for places to display your custom flags.


  • Entrances

For centuries, flags have been used to tell stories to people. As they’re highly visual, flags are a great way to initially grab people’s attention and demand gaze. Placing a flag at the front of your event, stall or produce area can help guide people where to go. They’ll also help to signify that something important is to follow, allowing the initial awareness of your product or event to occur. Even better, by customizing a bold color onto your flag (such as red), you’ll automatically cause people to stare.


  • Sporting Events

Community sport – whether it be a high school football game, or a sporting parade, demands lots of energy and excitement. Our spirit flags are a great way to build up that crowd and anticipatory emotion. What better way to get into that team spirit than with a customized flag with your team and personalized logo? We have many different shapes and sizes to choose from too, making it easy to create your ideal spirit flag.


  • Wayfinding Flags 

Yes, we know, giving out directions is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be frustrating trying to guide people where to go verbally. Custom flags are a great way to overcome this barrier and make life (relatively) simple. Here are some additional tips for using flags at your event:


1) Try to place a flag in the center of your space/area. 

This will allow everyone to have a clear landmark of where they are. A key advantage of flags is that you’re able to customize the height so that they can be clearly seen by everyone (even behind that 6-foot basketball star).

2) Have multiple flags. 

Have one or two at the entrance of your event. One where key information is (or ticketing), and one at every exit. 

3) Keep the messaging on your flag simple. 

Whilst not beneficial in every situation, keeping words simple and direct is the best way to communicate through flags. Also, whilst we’re on this point, skip the Shakspearian language. 

All-in-all, using flags to direct people is a great way to subtly market your brand and help people in a meaningful way.


  • Decorative Custom Flags 

It’s always a good idea to help people easily navigate their way through your event. However, it’s also essential to boost those happy hormones. Making people feel good is a refined craft. Creating customized flags with artistic features can help to create an emotional experience when people go to your event. Whether it’s puppies or cupcakes, adding something a bit creative or aesthetically pleasing can truly help. Flags are a highly accessible material to achieve this goal. Visit our website for more information if you’re after something visually pleasing to the eye. 


  • Outdoor Custom Flags 

Do you currently own a physical store and you’re wanting to draw in more attention? As a much cheaper alternative to traditional outdoor advertising methods, flags are a great way to show-off all that hard work. Place your customized flag directly out of the front of your store and watch it work its magic. Choose your branding colors, name, and logo (or favorite pet – we don’t judge) and we can help make your ideas come to life!

Another excellent benefit of outdoor flags is that they’re durable across diverse weather scenarios. So, rain, hail, or shine – you’ll have a solid marketing vessel.


Looking For A Custom Flag?

So, you’ve learned a little bit more about how and where you can display customizable flags. If you’re looking into marketing more seriously and want to find creative ways to advertise your hustle, look no further than our dynamic flag range! Head to our website at  and browse our entire range. Who knows, you may feel inspired! 

If you’re unsure about any of our products or just want to have a closer investigation you can also get in touch with our friendly team members online.



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