The Most Famous Flags In History - Part 2

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This week, we thought we would continue with our theme of series-based posts. We’re going to be taking a birds-eye view of the most famous national flags in the world, from 6 to 1, counting down.

Earlier, we released a list of our first group of flags, numbers 6-4 of our most famous flags in the world list. Now, we’ll get to the big dogs. The top 3. Let’s see who makes the cut.

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3 - French Tricolor. Before the French Revolution, the French flag had generally been some iteration of a fleur-de-lis on a blue shield. After the revolution, the flag had 3 colors each representing a pillar of France. Red represents the nobility, white represents the clergy, and the blue represents the middle class.

2 - The Flag of the United Kingdom. The flag dates back to the middle ages, and is actually a combined flag. First of the English Cross and then the Scottish flag, representing a unified body. These two flags came together to form the UK flag as we know it now.

1 - The United States’ Flag. Yes, our very own flag is likely the most recognizable flag in the world. Like the French flag, our flag was birthed of a revolution. The flag as we know it is a descendant of several different flags made in protest of the British taxes and occupation.

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