What Are Feather Flags?

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We talk an awful lot about custom feather flags at BestFlag. But what are they? That’s what we intend to cover today in this BestFlag blog. Custom feather flags are one of our staple products, and we’re proud to offer them to people like you who need a boost in promotional efforts. BestFlag is proud to offer that. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with feather flags, we’ve got you covered.


You know BestFlag. We’re the company that makes the finest flags on the market. We build custom flags for your business with our state of the art digital printing methods. No matter how small or large your printing order, we can handle it without any issues. Our team is made of experts. Experts in the custom flag industry, experts in design, experts in sewing and manufacturing, and experts in brand promotion.  


You’ve seen them, no doubt. But what exactly are feather flags?

Feather flags are tall flags that help businesses attract potential customers by drawing those customer’s attention. Foot traffic is essential to business success for those in retail. Typically, but not always, these flags take on unique shapes and sizes. Their one defining feature is their singular pole the flag hangs from. This pole goes from the ground or base and provides the foundation for the flag shape as well.

Feather flags are important for a couple reasons. For starters, feather flags attract attention! We can’t overstate this. Feather flags break the horizon and create a natural place for the eye to focus. When that focus happens, your brand’s message is being passed along.

Secondly, feather flags indicate a certain level of buzz and excitement around your business. By having flags strategically placed, potential customers can quickly discern that your company is active and working. Activity is a subliminal indicator of business, and customers know that. Take advantage of that and show your customers that your business is not stagnant, but it is flourishing and ready to help them out.

Ordering your custom feather flag is easy. Just head to our online custom designer and get started. Here, we’ll make it easy for you. Just click below.

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