What Is Dye Sublimation Printing?

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A relatively new way of printing is changing the way businesses can expand their reach and create products of high quality. It is called dye sublimation, and here at BestFlag, we love it. This exciting printing method enables you to transfer an image you have created and put it onto a polyester or polyester-coated fabric with heat.

The way this technique embeds ink directly into the material’s surface results in durable products that will last longer. Dye sublimation is fast becoming a popular way to print due to its reliability, versatility, and the options available that enable inside and outdoor use.

If you are looking for a fresh new way to design banners, signs, and flags, dye sublimation offers great diversity and outcomes. At Best Flag, we can help you develop awesome creations that will allow you to tell your story and fulfill your requirements.

How Does It Work?

Dye sublimation involves a special process different to what you might be used to. Rather than using a liquid dye, this technique involves an ink in the form of a gas, which is transformed into a solid with heat. Because this enables the ink to penetrate the material, the color bond is more permanent between it and the surface than when liquid ink is only applied at surface level.

The steps involved in this process include: 

  1. Printing the image onto transfer paper using disperse ink in its gas form.
  2. Placing the paper on the target surface.
  3. Applying heat and pressure on the transfer paper with the use of a heat press. 

When the heating process is stopped, the gas turns into a solid form, penetrating the polyester fabric.

What Do You Need?

Polyester and polyester-coated materials are the best substrates for this type of printing. This means you can use the finished product to create a wide array of items such as flags, signs, and retail graphics. There are a few things required to undertake sublimation printing. You can also visit us at Best Flag and we will provide you with high-quality printing.

As mentioned, the ink that is involved is unique to this technique and is called disperse dye. This type of ink moves from a gaseous state to a solid during a heating process. There is also a certain type of printer used in sublimation printing, which is developed with these inks in mind. They also only use a specific type of transfer paper. A heat press is required too, and depending on your project, cutting and sewing equipment may also be needed to finish off.

How Long Will It Last?

Dye sublimation printing done correctly can result in durable products that will not fade or crack for a long time. To make sure your product lasts well, it is important to use high quality inks, sublimation paper, and materials. The quality of the machine you use is also crucial to consider, and the size and cost involved depend on the measurements of your project and whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use.

As with all types of printed materials, good care is fundamental to its lifespan. Dye sublimation allows for cleaning and washing of the finished product with less fading effect than many other types of dyes.

Best Flag Can Help You With Your Dye Sublimation Needs

Dye sublimation is an exciting development in the printing world as it can create amazing products. Because the printing process involves ink in gas form being chemically bonded to your material, prints are durable and long-lasting. There are many options in terms of inks, papers, and printing machines, which involve different outcomes and costs. At BestFlag, we will help you to create a product you are proud of, that fulfills your requirements, and lasts well into the future.



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