Why Your Festival Booth Isn't Attracting Customers

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Have you ever wondered why your festival booth isn’t doing as well as you’d like? Or just how you can make your booth do even better at the next festival? There are many factors that contribute to having a successful booth at a festival. When these elements come together it makes for a stellar booth that draws in customers non-stop. Let’s explore how you can get the people swarming to your booth.


Prime Location

The location where your booth stands is greatly important. You want your booth to be where all the action is. Some of the best locations are near the main stage, close to where food is being sold, and near the main entrance so you can be seen immediately and often. However, if you are not able to pick where your booth will be there are still some ways to attract customers. You can hand out flyers or stickers that have your name and booth location on them. You can even send out people from your team to various spots to enthusiastically tell people about your booth and where it is.



As we all know, people love to get things for free. Free gifts and samples are a festival booth NECESSITY. The key behind giving things away is to make sure it’s something the people attending the festival will need or really want, and to put your company name on it somewhere. Popular items that are given out typically include sunglasses, hats, wristbands, and water bottles with a company name on the label. These little trinkets will be something that will remind whoever has them about your company every time they look at it!


Exciting Colors

If you want your booth to stand out then you need colors that POP! If your booth has dull colors and a very bare setup then potential customers are going to walk right by without giving you a second look. To ensure more success, try to avoid using grays and blacks almost altogether. Use bright colors to grab the eyes of everyone that passes by. You are bound to draw in more people and drive more sales by doing so.


Be Different

Possibly the biggest factor to booth success is to be different! The more different you are, the more people will be talking about your booth which will bring the masses to your booth. This is your chance to be creative and do everything you can to stand out. Try using colorful lights or some kind of unique display that is easy to see. Another great way to stand out is simply by making sure that your team is enthusiastic about the company and the products you’re pushing. The team needs to be energetic and be social with the crowds passing by. Doing this gets people interested in what you have to offer and makes their overall experience with your company that much better. Sell to these people through being good company! Be knowledgeable about the products and provide excellent service to all those who come through to your booth.

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