SafetySuit Run Club


We're here in Nashville. this is our first safetysuit run club group run. We're going to be doing these all across the country.

It's something that we started because as time goes on, you're trying to find different ways to interact with your fans and I think the best way to do it is something that's close to you and something that's close to us as a band is just running, keeping fit, making it more of a lifestyle than a chore and we want to have something we could run with so we had to make flags and a run with these flags and it should be a really cool experience.

We picked BestFlag because they are someone we'd used in the past for our merchandise set up. It's always been an incredible experience.

Everything from customer service to the quality of the product has been spot-on and we've actually had people that want to buy the merch table cover that we have.

so if someone's buying your merch table cloth cover it's quality and that's why we keep going back to them time and time again. They get us stuff fast. They get us stuff on time and we couldn't ask for more with that.

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