Custom Feather Flag

Grab attention and tell your brand's story with our flagship product (no pun intended) - feather flags. Feather flags are a durable, convenient signage option for any event in any location. They are completely customizable in shape, size, color, and content. Enhance your brand and design your custom flag today!
  • Designed Your Way
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
Custom Feather Flags

1. Choose Your Flag Shape

Find the flag shape that matches your company’s character. First impressions are everything, and your feather flag’s shape will be the first thing to bring attention to your banner. Straight bottom flags are the most popular selection, while curved bottom flags create a more sporty, versatile look. BestFlag provides you with 5 different "NO-WIND" needed shapes.
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags

2. Choose Your Flag Size

Your feather banner should be seen and your message hear. Customize the height of your flag to meet your needs and ensure that you're connecting to your audience.
XS - 5' / 7' w Pole | S - 7' / 9' w Pole | M - 10' / 13' w Pole | L - 15' / 17' w Pole
XS - 4' / 6' w Pole | S - 6' / 8' w Pole | M - 9.5' / 11.5' w Pole | L - 13' / 15' w Pole
S - 5' / 7' w Pole | M - 8' / 10' w Pole | L - 13' / 15' w Pole

3. Choose Your Accessories

The success of your feather flag depends on its stability. Discover our pole kit and base options to keep your banner steadfast and secure, from outdoor spikes for wind resistance to lightweight bases for easy mobility.
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags

4. Choose your Print Option

Set your print prefernces to help determine the impact your banner will have once it's printed and posted!
Single Reverse: A single reverse flag is a single layer flag. We print on one side and the ink will penetrate through the other side almost 100%.
Double Sided: For our double sided flags, we print two flags (front and back) and sew them together with a liner in between, giving two clear and correct images on each side.

5. Design Your Flag

Whether it's a solid color, an image, a logo or a call to action, your flag will be vibrant, clear, and polished. Customize using your own logo and design online, or work with us to create a feather flag look your company will be proud of.
Custom Feather Flags
Tear-resistance flag end protector
Durable fiberglass pole that withstands 25mph winds
Sewn-in block out liner for double sided flags
High quality knits and colors
Weather-resistant poly knit material

Highlights & Features

Our digitally printed flags are made in the U.S. and produced from high-quality poly knit material, with stitching reinforced by world class craftsmen and women. Feather flags also feature a tear-resistant flag end protector and sewn-in block out liner for double sided printing. Each flag is accompanied by a durable fiberglass pole that is able to withstand up to 25 mph winds. The quality and durability of the materials used in our feather flags makes them ideal for all-purpose advertising.

How to Install

Assembling your feather flags is quick and easy. Connect the poles, slide the banner onto the pole set, secure the pole tip into the end pocket, and then set the pole into its base. Just like that you’re ready to flag down customer attention and get your message out!
Custom Feather Flags
Step 1- Lay out the poles in your kit

Step 2 - Assemble the poles
Step 3 - Gently pull the flag down onto the assembled pole
Step 4 - Secure the pole tip in the tear-resistant pocket
Step 5 - Attach the pole with the flag to the chosen base

Who and Where

Feather banners have become popular in many industries as a guaranteed way to get noticed at events and gatherings. Events of all shapes, sizes, and locations work well with feather flags. Since these banners are so durable and versatile, they are a great way to send a message whether you’re in a breezy field or a crowded conference room. Here are some types of events, both indoor and outdoor, where feather flags are frequently found.
Some of the most common organizations and professions who are finding success with feather flags are:
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools and Universities
  • Non-Profits
  • Cell Phone Distributors
  • Event Sponsors
  • Event Exhibitors
  • Auto Dealers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Self-Serve Businesses
  • Trade Shows
  • Grand Openings
  • Pop-ups
  • Farmers Markets
  • Car Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Fitness Events
  • Garden Parties
  • Special Offerings/Sales Events

Flag Terminology

There are many different names and terms in the flag industry, some interchangeable and some not, which can be confusing.
Here’s some of the terms and definitions we use when creating quality flag products:
Flutter Flags: A lightweight flag that relies on wind to showcase your design.
Blade Flags: A banner flag that is curved at the top and stays open without the wind. These are also called razor flags. 
Teardrop Flags: A banner flag that is curved at the top and shaped like a teardrop, with less overall flag space but more stability for constant design display. 
Shark Fin Flags: Similar to a blade flag, but with a unique and sporty shape that sets it apart.
Advertising Flags: All of the flags listed above are considered advertising flags, along with these other flags.
Pole Kit: The complete set of tools needed to set up and secure your feather flag, including a fiberglass pole to be assembled and either a ground spike or cross bass. Additional accessories such as water bags and floor mounts are available.

Feather flags also have many other names including Beach Flags, Bow Flags, Wind Wavers, Sun Blades, Wind Feathers, Road Flags, Sun Blades, Banner Flags and Swooper Flags. Phew! Many names, same great way to get your message out.
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