Custom event/canopy tents add a whole new dimension to your brand's presence. BestFlag's line of custom tents allows you to tell your story in a way that your customer will notice. Custom tents give you brand a tailored space, a space that disseminates your brand's message with precision, letting potential customers understand who they are working with. 

Our custom tents are built with durable materials, meaning you don't have to sweat heavy usage or inclement weather. With BestFlag, you're able to customize your tent top, presenting your message exactly to your specifications.

The Base Custom Tent

From $ 1,260.00

The Tank Custom Tent

From $ 1,260.00

The Base Tent Frame

$ 365.00

The Premier Tent Frame

From $ 655.00

The Tank Tent Frame

$ 1,365.00

Steel Tent Leg Weight

$ 73.00

Soft Shell Tent Bag with Wheels

From $ 147.00

Tent Stake Kit

$ 42.00

Feather Flag Tent Mount

From $ 42.50

Sandbag Tent Leg Kit

$ 78.00

Square Tent Leg Water Weight

$ 52.00

The Dome Inflatable Tent Kit

From $ 6,205.00