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Hi there! Welcome to our Feather Flags page. Here you can find information about product differences, sizing, ordering options, and more. If you already know what you're looking for, you can shop Premium Feather Flags here and Traditional Feather Flags here. If you're new to feather flags and aren't sure what you're looking for, keep reading!

There are two main styles of advertising banner flags that customers find themselves deciding between, each have their pros and cons. Find out what best suits your needs below.

Blade, Teardrop, Premium 90 or Shark Fin Flags

The collection of Premium Feather Flags is the latest and most popular advertising banner flag options. All one has to do is drive down a busy commercial street and you'll see blade and teardrop flags dotting the roadside.

Pros Sets up in three minutes or less! • Only tool if needed would be a hammer • Flag stays visible in non-windy times • Packs quickly and completely into 4' travel bag • Larger workspace on the flag for designing • Can be used indoor or outdoor with just a change in the pole base • Anybody can set it up

Cons Slightly higher initial cost with more premium pole set • Adjustments may have to be made periodically

Best Uses Businesses on roadsides • Team sporting events • Indoor trade shows • Fairs and Events • Short-term sales

Check Out Our Premium Feather Flag Installation Video 

Feather Flags

Our feather flags are a more economical choice. Cheaper, but not lacking in quality, our feather flags give businesses a lower cost way to bring attention to their brand. 

Pros Cheaper • More simple to use • Flaps in the wind more than premium flags due to lack of frame 

Cons Needs wind to stay open • Does not come with premium pole set.  

Curious About Sizing? 

We've got some helpful sizing charts here to help you visualize what your flags will look like. Check them out. 

Need Help Designing? 

Did we mention you get to design your flags exactly how you want? Pretty sweet, huh? When you order your feather flag, under the 'Art Options' menu, select 'Design Now' and click 'Proceed to Designer.' Here, you'll be able to build your custom flag exactly how you want. Here's a video to help get you started. 


Why BestFlag? 

We're glad you asked. Here you'll find what sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in how we build our flags and our commitment to work with you as an extension of your own team. Read about what sets us apart.