National Roll-Outs


If you are planning a national or regional rollout of a new product, you have more important things to worry about than whether or not your advertising flags will look good or show up on time. You want a team you can trust, and that's where BestFlag comes in. Our team has produced and shipped hundreds of thousands of flags for national promotional campaigns. We understand all of the moving pieces that come along with a big rollout, and have both the expertise and the experience to print, kit and distribute your products in any way needed. 

Here is our checklist for ensuring a successful and stress-free launch.

  • Project
  • Q: What products do you need? Do you need just one product or a full kit? What does your national campaign look like?
    A: Some of our rollouts involve mass quantities of just one product. Others involve mass quantities of full kits, which include several products each. Of course, most rollouts will fall somewhere between the two. Having a clear picture of this before we get underway helps us get our ducks in a row.

  • Plan
  • Q: When does the promotional/advertising campaign start? How far in advance do you need to receive products?
    A: Knowing the prospective start date lets us build our own pre-production plan. National rollouts require significant planning and when we know our deadline, we can be sure to allot time correctly to all the different pieces leading up to the start date.

  • Delivery
  • Q: Will products be shipped to a distribution center or drop shipped to stores?
    A: Knowing the logistics of product delivery is important to making sure we make your deadline. If products are shipping to a distribution center, will they be re-kitted with other products or is this the only promotional piece? You give us your delivery plan and we will get it done.

  • Pricing
  • Q: How much is price a factor in the job? Do you want a high end domestic solution or a more economical solution?
    A: This may be the most important part of your decision. BestFlag offers products that can meet any national rollout budget. Our domestic solutions feature products that are second to none. Even our economy options, though cheaper, are higher quality than most economy solutions.

  • Creative
  • Q: Do you an agency handling creative or do you need help designing graphics? Is the creative ready or still in process?
    A: We understand that the creative for most large scale flag or promotional rollouts will be handled by your agency. Our team will provide the appropriate templates for your project, which can be used by your marketing agency to finalize their design. Or,we can take the raw assets or design elements and prepare them for print. From our experience, the timing on the creative is usually the most critical component.

  • Package
  • Q: How long will the products be on display? Is it for a special event, limited promotion or long term advertising? Is this a single promotion or part of a larger series of campaigns? Are you looking for discounted prices on a contract?
    A: The intended use of the product lets us provide you with the correct product for the job. Each product we offer has different tiers of quality. We also have several different types of hardware that are best suited for different uses. Knowing your plans help us put together the best campaign for you.

Are you starting a nationwide promotional campaign soon? Fill out this form today and let us help you get rolling.