Production Lifetime

As many of our products are designed for consistent outdoor use, and weather conditions vary dramatically by region, there is not a specific life expectation.  Products displayed outdoors in locations with high UV exposure or high winds will deteriorate faster than products placed indoors or in areas with low UV or no wind.  However, the US government has posted a standard expected flag life of 3-6 months given persistent use (depending on other weather conditions such as wind and intensity of sun).  We tend not to argue with the government, especially when it comes to flags.

Here are some ways to extend the life of your products:

  • When possible, try not to leave it outdoors 24/7.  Unless it's very well lit, no one is going to see it at night.
  • Always take down your product during periods of high winds or extreme weather.
  • Buy a couple at one time and rotate them - one on display, one being cleaned and one ready to go.
  • Repair your products as early as possible.  We're even happy to help!