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$ 66.00
$ 66.00

Captain D's Blade Flag -

Product Description

Grab the attention of people passing by your Captain D's store with the Blade Flag. These flags are ideal for either general brand awareness or specific campaign promotion. Flags are constructed to remain visible with or without wind, and premium hardware can be used in grass, on sidewalks or even indoors.

Extra Small: 5ft flag with 6ft Total Height
Small: 7ft flag with 8ft Total Height
Medium: 10ft flag with 13ft Total Height
Large: 13ft flag with 16ft Total Height

Our pole sets are the strongest, most durable pole sets on the market. A combination of fiberglass and graphite allows the pole sets to bend but not break even in the toughest of conditions. Each pole set comes with a handy travel bag for easy storage and transportation.

Pole set with Ground Spike: Used for grass or dirt applications.  An easy to hammer in the ground spike that takes just a few seconds to install and securely holds the pole in position

Pole set with Standard Cross Base and Water Bag: Used in a parking lot or indoor applications. The cross base works great on any surface, so it is very versatile. In conjunction with the water bag, the cross base is properly weighted for outdoor use.


  • Vibrant digitally printed graphic (including pole sleeve) on durable polyester with reinforced stitching
  • Durable fiberglass poles able to withstand 25mph winds
  • 100% ink penetration on single reverse flags 
  • Beautifully crafted double-sided flags with sewn-in block out liner
  • "Spin Free” accessories to keep your flag from getting tangled

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