5 Business Resolutions For 2018

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It’s perfectly normal to use the New Year as a lever to set goals and establish new habits for yourself. The holidays have passed and the winter months are just beginning to set in. This extra time indoors makes it easier to set your focus on the things you can control, like your personal health and life aspirations, but what about your career? As you check in, evaluate how you can improve your day-to-day productivity levels with business resolutions and how that can help enhance your career overall. Here are a few things to consider for helping you meet those goals in 2018.  


  • 1) Improve your daily habits

  • First things first — changing your personal habits will transfer over to your work habits. Start small. Try getting more sleep and waking up early to get a head start on the day. This will allow you to achieve more tasks, giving you the confidence you need to accomplish more throughout the day.

    Your morning is what sets the tone for the entire day, that’s why it’s crucial to begin by keeping hydrated and eating breakfast. Try drinking at least 16 ounces of water before committing to anything else. Believe it or not, eight hours of sleep and no water can dehydrate you. Don’t let something as simple as drinking a glass of H2O affect your energy levels halfway through the day.

    The same applies to eating a well-balanced breakfast. If you plan ahead, wake up early and allow yourself some time to eat, it’s been proven that your productivity levels will improve.

    2) Learn something new

    How fulfilled do you feel at your current job? Are you wanting to grow within the company, stay put or ready to seek greener grass? Regardless, the opportunity to learn a new skill is extremely valuable in all aspects of your career. Is there an upcoming conference that you’d like to attend? Ask your supervisor if you can go or take time off and plan a small vacation around it. It doesn’t have to be a conference either. Maybe there’s a class offered once or twice a week that you can attend after hours. Expand your network. Meet new people. Learn something you’ve always wanted to know. You’re not bound to the job you do every day.

    3) In with the new, out with the old

    For most of us, technology can be the limiting factor that comes between you and your job. If it is frustrating to you, it’s probably slowing you down and possibly the entire office. It’s not worth the stress. If you can help it, don’t deal with a piece of equipment that could be updated or swapped out with something new.

    4) Establish a work-life balance

    Don’t lose sight of that healthy, early morning start. When you start your day out by rising early, staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced meal, you want to continue to maintain that balance throughout the day. Sitting for hours at a time can really affect your energy levels and mood. Make an effort allow yourself a few minutes to recharge. Go for a small walk. Do a few standing stretches. Get out of the chair and move.

    Taking little breaks will allow you to free up your mind — especially when you’ve hit a productivity wall. Do something you enjoy. Read a few pages of your favorite book. Take a jog around the block. Take steps to start planning your next vacation. It’s the little things!

    5) Make it a priority to promote your business

    When you’re a small company, attracting new business can oftentimes be the last priority. With social media constantly evolving, it’s even more difficult to keep up with what’s effective and what’s not. While some companies may invest in a person to help with digital strategy and marketing, others may just need to focus funds elsewhere — and that’s just fine. There are plenty of low-cost ways to spread the word.

    Get creative in 2018. Add your business information to your email signature. Share your expertise with the world and give a seminar or presentation. Use a BestFlag tent or promotional display to attract attention. Add custom car flag to your vehicle, and act as a mobile sign for your business. Stake a couple of feather flags in the lawn to bring business in from the streets. Remember, this is your year.

    At BestFlag, we are in the business of helping your promote your passion. For questions about the best possible flag, banner, car decal, and more, contact us today. We’re happy to help you achieve your 2018 business resolution.

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