How to Warm Up Your Event

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We’ve recently covered how you can make your event space warmer, especially when you aren’t expecting it. So you’ve got no problems making sure your space is warm, but what are you doing to make a warm presentation to your guests? We mean this, of course, both in physical comfort, but also emotional comfort. Both can be done with a few simple gestures that we believe can go a long way.

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Let’s check out how you can make a warm impression on your guests.

First things first, have a warm beverage for them. Bonus points if you’ve got options. Choices such as cider and coffee are staple cold weather beverages. It’s worth the effort to have large thermoses of these drinks to offer your guests. They’ll flock to your tent to get a few degrees warmer. In addition, you’ve made a great first impression on them that shows them you care about them as a person. Not just business.

Secondly, shake their hand. If you’re wearing gloves, take your glove off and shake their hand. Simple, traditional, or “down-home” gestures like this really stick in people’s minds. Make it a firm, simple, straightforward handshake, look them in the eyes and ask them their name. Promise it will make a huge difference in their mind.

Whether staying warm in introductions or warm during cold weather, make sure you do it right. Good luck this event season!

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