All the Essentials You Need For Your Summer Barbecue

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Ah, summer. The smell of sunscreen, swimming pools (or the ocean if you’re lucky), and freshly cut grass fill the air, wafting around and reminding you that now’s the time to sit back and relax. It’s been yet another tough year for us all, and now that the weather is cooperating, it’s a great chance to gather your friends and family for a summer barbecue. While food, drinks, and entertainment are on your to-do list, don’t forget the number one ambience creator: The decorations!

This blog shows how custom flags, banners, and tents can add that extra touch to your summer barbecue, making it one you and your friends and family will remember forever. To get started on making your custom flag, banner, or tent, get in touch with our team at BestFlag today.

Summer Daze

 The feel-good time of year is finally upon us. With summer comes freedom, fun, vacation, and most importantly: Barbecues.

Whether you’re a meat eater or a veggie lover there’s always a delicious array of food on offer, and a group of friends and family to share it with. The classic summer barbecue never goes out of style no matter your age or location. From California to New York and Michigan to Florida, a summer barbecue is always a great way to spend time with your loved ones.


“We’re Over Here!”

When your summer barbecue is adorned with customized decorations, you won’t need to shout these words ever again! Gone are the days where you’d need to direct people to where your beach or park barbecue with instructions like “go past the big tree, make a right, keep following that road until you get to the picnic huts. We’re in amongst all of these other families barbecuing… somewhere…”


Custom Flags

Using custom designed flags to show your barbecue is a great way to get out of GPS duties. Plus, they just plain ol’ look awesome! Give your barbecue the flourishing flair and ambience it deserves with a custom flag made just for your event, family, or group of friends. Go wild creating the perfect representation with our online flag designer, and choose a flag type to display it on. Rectangular, pennant, guidon, burgee— the choice is yours.


The fun doesn’t end once you’ve made a design and picked a type of flag! Choose your size and quantity knowing that there are options aplenty. Our flag sizes range from a small 8” x 12” to a huge 30’ x 60’, and when it comes to quantity, the sky’s the limit. No minimum or maximum required!


Banner Up

A custom banner is another great choice for advertising where the party’s at. As with flags, our banners can be single reverse or double sided, giving you options to suit your style and budget. We use acid dye ink on all our banners, ranging from 2ft x 2ft all the way up to 20ft x 50ft. With great UV protection, the vibrant colors will last and last.


Table Covers

So everybody’s found your barbecue. Great! Now what? You guessed it— food and drink. 

Why go through all the effort of making your tasty dishes and desserts if you’re just going to put them on a plain table? A custom table cover will emphasize the beauty and deliciousness of the food you’re about to bestow on everybody, and let everybody know you’re serious about your summer fun. Much like our other options, our table covers and runners are fully customizable and come in a range of sizes and types.

For a chill vibe or smaller event, you could create a custom table runner. These come in 6 different sizes and you can print graphics anywhere on the fabric you like— go nuts!

For something more extravagant, our table covers come in 3 sided or 4 sided options, and can be made to drape or stretch to fit. These are available in multiple sizes and are flame retardant and wrinkle resistant, so you won’t need to worry about packing it into your bag at the end of the day.


Custom Event Tents

Who’s to say your summer barbecue isn’t an event worthy of its own tent? That’s right— nobody! If you want a tent, you get a tent. Not only do you get to choose your style and design, you also get to expand your shady space. That’s always an added bonus in the summer heat! Bring your own shade to the beach or add extra coverage to a picnic shelter at the park, all while letting everybody know where to find you quickly and easily.

At BestFlag our tents are built with durable materials so the wind won’t get knocked out of your sails, and as with our flags, banners, table covers, and other display options, it will last for years to come.


Make BestFlag Your Summer Barbecue Staple

Whether your barbecue is at home, the local park, across the state, or on the other side of the country, it deserves a custom and eye-catching decoration (or two)! At BestFlag we’re proud to offer you our online designer where you can upload your image or design your own, and choose exactly how you plan to use it. To get started on making your summer barbecue a standout, check out our range of flag, banner, tent, and table cover options.



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