How to Mount a Flag On Your Car

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Do you have a car? Then you have a mobile advertising machine! Whether you’re showing your love for your country, participating in a parade, advertising your business, or promoting an event, a custom car flag is the way to make your voice heard (well, seen). But how does putting a flag on a car even work?!

This blog explains how you can fly a flag from your car, and the etiquette behind it (yes, car flag etiquette exists!). For further information, advice, or to get your own car flag, contact us at BestFlag today.


How to Mount a Flag On Your Car

Car flags are rectangular and small— easy enough for passers-by to see, read, and recognize, but small enough that they don’t hinder the driver’s vision. They attach to a sturdy pole sleeve and hardware that then attaches to the car window. This makes installation a quick and simple process!

Much like when you mount reindeer antlers on your car for Christmas (it’s okay, we do it too), you mount a flag on your car in the same way.

You can also fly a flag from your car’s roof, trunk, or passenger side hood. You should never fly any flag on the driver’s side of the car as this can obstruct their vision and create safety concerns.

Why You Should Mount a Flag On Your Car

One of the greatest benefits of car flags is that they can be used while you’re driving!

They make a big impact despite their smaller size, as they stand out on the road and attract everybody’s attention. When it comes to advertising and promoting, car flags are a simple way to attract and engage your audience— even when you’re not meaning to. Driving to the post office or another work location is suddenly killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you doing your work, but now you’re advertising as you do it— it’s a win/win!

Car flags don’t need to be all work and no play, however. Around the 4th of July it’s common to see American flags flying proudly everywhere, including from cars. If you want to join in, there are a couple of etiquette rules you should follow.


Car Flag Etiquette: Flying the American Flag On Your Car

When it comes to flying the American flag on your car, there are some etiquette rules you should follow. As with any other time and place we fly our country’s flag, it needs to be given the respect it deserves at all times, including when decorating your vehicle.

Many people are concerned about whether it’s disrespectful to display the American flag on their car. For example, draping a real flag over your vehicle is seen as a sign of disrespect to the flag.

Two respectful ways to display our country’s flag on your car are:

  • A bumper sticker
  • A small car flag

At BestFlag, our car flags are 12” tall by 18” wide, making them an appropriate size to display from your car or truck.

If you’re flying other flags in addition to the American flag, there are some rules to abide by.

  • The American flag should always be in the center of a row of flags if you’re flying more than one type of flag.
  • To demonstrate proper respect to the American flag, always place it higher than any other flag you’re flying. It should be at the center of the other flags while also flying above them.
  • Ensure the American flag is larger than any other flag you’re flying. Whether it’s the 4th of July, a local parade, or just a nice day for a drive, it should always be the main attraction when you’re displaying more than one flag at a time.
  • Keep it clean! While you should keep any flag clean, maintaining the appearance of your American flag is important as it shows your respect for your flag and your country.


Safety First

Whether it’s the American flag, your business’ flag, a pride flag, or any other type of custom flag, remember: Safety first. Always make sure the driver has clear vision of their surroundings, and that the flag doesn’t create any safety hazards for anybody on the road.


Interested in a Flag For Your Car?

Whatever flag or flags you’re considering for your car, BestFlag is here to make it happen! Our online designer allows you to design any flag you like before we print it in full color on a high quality material called Evertex. You can also select nylon if that’s what you’re after— just let us know! With no minimum or maximum quantity required for designing, printing, and delivering your flag/s, you can let your imagination run wild with Best Flag. Click the link below to start designing your own car flag.



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