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Cold weather flag care

January 06, 2017

Seasonality plays a huge role in your business’ promotional strategy. Certain messages, mediums, and placements work best in certain seasons. Custom flags can be utilized in the winter, but certain protocol should be followed to ensure longevity of material.

BestFlag knows flags. It’s what we do best. Custom flags, feather flags, we make them all. We understand that personalized flags are a core part of promotional strategy. Flags allow you to stake your claim and promote your brand in an efficient and memorable way. With BestFlag, you’re able to make your own flag. Our online flag designer allows you to create flags that best represent your brand.

Today, we’re going to offer up some tips to make sure that your flags are taken care of during the colder, more harsh winter months. Weather this time of year tends to take a greater toll on flags, but we’re going to show you how to best take care of your flags.

Take Your Flag Down At Night

To start, take your custom flag down at night. We recommend this for a couple reasons in the winter. Firstly, taking your flag down at night effectively doubles the life of your flag. By cutting in half the number of hours it is exposed to the elements, those hours are added to the life of the flag. Secondly, typically in the winter, harsher weather happens at nighttime. It’s simple--treat your flag right, take it down at night.  

Assemble Correctly

We’ve mentioned this before, but assembling your flag the correct way does wonders for your flag’s health. One of the most common causes of premature flag deterioration is not ensuring the flag pole is all the way secured into the protected pocket. Doing so will help your promotional materials last longer, ultimately saving you money.

When it comes to flags, no one knows better than BestFlag. Let us help you grow your business, gain customers, and increase brand visibility. Click below to start designing your own flag.


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