Custom Feather Flag vs. Teardrop/Blade Flag - When To Choose Each

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Choosing between Custom Feather Flags or Teardrop/Blade Flags (and not the Swooper Flag)!

There are two main styles of advertising banner flags that customers find themselves deciding between, each have the pros and cons.

Feather Flags

The traditional feather flags were the first iteration into the marketplace of the advertising banner flag. The standard setup consists of a 2.5' wide vertical flag with a telescoping fiberglass flagpole and permanent ground sleeve.     


  • Best option for long-term, one location flag display
  • Optional flag sizes and flag heights with the telescoping pole
  • Set-it-and-forget-it flag setup
  • Economical, Solid Color Feather Flags available for great visibility
  • Message Flags available for simple messages 


  • Not ideal for short term or same day setup/teardown
  • A Temporary Ground Stake is available but will need periodic resetting
  • Permanent ground sleeve option requires digging a hole and possibly using cement to set it in place
  • The telescoping poles collapse only down to 6' so transporting them can be trickier
  • The flags will droop in non-wind situations

Best Uses:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • New Home Communities
  • Long Term Setups with the ability to permanently set the ground sleeve


Blade, Premium 90 or Teardrop Flags

The collection of Premium Feather Flags is the latest and most popular advertising banner flag options.   All one has to do is drive down a busy commercial street and you'll see blade and teardrop flags dotting the roadside.


  • Sets up in three minutes or less!
  • Only tool if needed would be a hammer
  • Flag stays visible in non-windy times
  • Packs quickly and completely into 4' travel bag 
  • Larger workspace on the flag for designing
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor with just a change in the pole base
  • Anybody can set it up


  • Slightly higher initial cost with more premium pole set
  • Adjustments may have to be made periodically

Best Uses:

  • Businesses on roadsides
  • Team sporting events
  • Indoor trade shows
  • Fairs and Events
  • Short-term sales 

Why should we not consider the Swooper Flag?

Ok, here is my chance to share my thoughts on the swooper flag style coming from a "flag guy".   I get why a business owner may see the swooper flags online and be intrigued.   They have dozens of stock designs that cover nearly every business that could use one.   The prices initially look pretty competitive, and tons of sites have these available.  Now coming from a flag guy, I will try to explain why you might reconsider that purchase.  

I challenge you to drive around and look at the businesses that have swooper flags in front.   What condition are the flags in? Nearly every time I see a business using the swooper flag, the flag has some issues, whether ripping, tearing or fading.  These flags are the first thing people see that represents your business.  I am always amazed, when I see a solid business that leaves out a well-passed their lifespan flag out in front of everybody driving by.  Not the first impression I would recommend!  Hence, the issue with the lack of Quality.  Why do you think they are so cheap on internet?  All the swooper flags on the market are made in China.  With the pressure to keep prices low, what do the Chinese manufacturers skimp on?   The answer is...anything that will make the flag last longer!   That means the material has no UV inhibitors, so fading will start instantly.   The sewing is performed as quickly as possible with minimal amount of reinforced sewing for longevity.   The pole sleeve material and reinforcement are way below standard.   These flags are designed and finished to look good on day 1, not on day 100.   

Long story is about your "flag dollar" per year.   I will give a quick example.  The swooper flag costs $30, but over the course of the year you have to purchase 6 flags unless you want a worn-out flag in front of your business.   That is a $180 a year in flags.   If you choose to go to a domestic flag manufacturer, you would have to MAYBE buy 2 a year at $160.   Most US flag manufacturers uses the better materials, inks and finishing.  So you save $20 a year, AND the best part is you can do your own custom design! 

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