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Playoff baseball is here, and we’ve been glued to the TV almost every night. Wild finishes, dominating performances, and the continuation of playoff legend makes for great TV.

While we were watching, we thought about our favorite pennant flags over the years (custom flags are our thing, you know). We talked about it around the BestFlag office, and we found our 5 favorite pennant flags. Check them out!   

1960’s era Dodgers Home Pennant  

LA Dodgers Pennant

While Sandy Koufax was busy dominating the league, someone in the Dodger’s promotional department put together this gem. We love the classic lettering of “Los Angeles”, the cartoon batter, and the gold base for some contrast.

1960’s Braves Hank Aaron Pennant

Braves Pennant

The 1960’s were pretty good for pennants, huh? We like this one, because it’s a unique pennant in that it focuses on one player. The lettering is fun, and we like that the photo is realistic, not a caricature. Ol’ Hank is the Home Run King, after all. 

1940’s era Philadelphia Athletics

Philadelphia A's Pennant

Long before Oakland had their own MLB team, Philadelphia was home of the now Oakland Athletics. The Oakland A’s are one of the league’s most interesting teams. Sometime’s it’s easy to forget their mascot is actually an elephant. We love the elephant drawing paired with the classic baseball lettering.  

1950’s era Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Pennant

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most iconic baseball teams. The colors, the logo, the mascot--they’ve got it all going for them. We love this classic pennant because it’s a playful, family friendly design featuring a baby cub playing baseball. What’s not to love?  

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