Have You Been to EventShades Yet? | BestFlag.com

Well, have you? Our sister site, EventShades.com got a facelift, and you're not going to want to miss out on this. Between BestFlag and EventShades, our partnership provides you with all the promotional and marketing materials that your brand needs. 

When it comes to custom flags, displays, and banners, BestFlag has you covered. Our online flag designer is a state of the art system that allows you to design your flag exactly how you intend for it to be before it even makes it to us for production. With BestFlag, you'll have the confidence to know exactly how your flag will be before your order. 

Our sister site, EventShades.com, specializes in providing you with the highest quality custom tents available. No matter you next event, be it a corporate gathering, a tailgate, or some friends over for a cookout, EventShades allows you to order completely custom tents sporting your company's logo, team colors, or whatever it may be. 

In addition to receiving the highest quality tent on the market, EventShades offers pre-organized tent kits that allow you to quickly order every item you need to showcase your brand at the next event.  

Just like BestFlag, EventShades offers some of the fasting shipping in the industry. No waiting 2-3 weeks for your tent.  

If you're looking to significantly upgrade your brand's promotional efforts, look no further than EventShades.com.  

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