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We get it, we’ve got our own miniature dictionary of industry lingo and terminology, and sometimes it can get a bit convoluted. Today, we’ll sit down and cover all the specialized terminology that you see in and around our site. In no time, you’ll be talking like a custom flag industry pro.

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Pennant Flag

Pennant flags are usually associated with souvenir banners and professional sports teams. Pennant flags are the shape of a triangle with the point meeting in the middle of the triangle’s base. You’ll know the iconic shape as soon as you see it.

Burgee Flag

A burgee flag is a unique take on the pennant flag. Burgee flags are commonly used as flags on golf course pins. If you were to take a pennant flag and cut a triangle shape out of the point that faces toward the base, you’d have a burgee flag. Just like the pennant flag, you’ll know it right when you see it.

Guidon Flag

It’s okay if you can’t pronounce it. For the record, it sounds like gwee-don. As the burgee flag is to the pennant flag, the guidon is to the standard flag shape. Take your standard rectangular flag shape and then remove a triangle shape out of the end. There you’ve got your guidon flag shape.


Single-reversed is a printing option that you can order with your custom flag. Single-reversed means that your custom design is only printed on one side of the material, which is thin enough to show the reverse image through the back side of the flag.


The alternative to single-reversed printing is double-sided printing, which prints your custom flag design on two different pieces of fabric, then has them sewed together back to back. This allows your flag to be read no matter which way it’s facing.


We’ll have more definitions and clarifications in the future. If you think it’s time for your brand to start designing your own custom flags, click below to get started!

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