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BestFlag.com is the leader in online custom flags.  We offer more than just flags. Banners, tents, table covers, a-frames, pop-ups and more.  You name it, and we can probably do it.  We produce the best flags on the highest quality material.  Our world class team will work with you to get the product you want at the price you deserve. 

We’ve been working hard to start the year. We’ve released our new online flag designer, which allows you to make your own flag more efficiently than ever before. Our online flag designer lets you take full creative control of your brand, organization, or group’s branding and promotional strategy.

BestFlag is the industry leader in custom flag, custom flag design, feather flags, advertising banners, flag banners, and much more. Our team is committed to helping you design your own flag quickly and easily. That’s why we totally redesigned our online flag designer. We always have your best interest at the forefront of every decision we make.

That being said–have you seen the new version of the online flag designer?

Here’s some of the features you can find in our new designer.  

Centering the canvas - Now, after working with your design, you’ll be able to center it and take a look at it as opposed to doing that manually.

Alignment buttons - In the same vein of above, you’ll be able to align elements of your design to the right, left, center, top, and bottom with the click of a button.

Overall stability - Our designer is as stable as it’s ever been. Work on your design and don’t sweat overloading the designer.

Guide mode - with guide mode enabled, you’ll be given a set of lines overlayed onto your design, which allows you to see what lines should act as borders for your design.

Online File Conversion - Now, you can easily convert files from ai, pdf, and eps to other standard file types.

Keyboard shortcuts - we know that some of you come from more formal design backgrounds, and we’ve incorporated some more popular design keyboard shortcuts into our designer. Feels just like home, right?

Design elements - Now, you can add a stroke to text, make that text bold, italic, or underlined, change the width and color, and add text effects.

Our new designer is a product we’re proud of. Why don’t you give it a spin and let us know what you think? Click below to get started!


Click Here to Start Designing Your Custom Flag

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