Tips for Designing Your Banner Using our Custom Banner Maker

About Us is the leader in online custom flags.  We offer more than just flags. Banners, tents, table covers, a-frames, pop-ups and more.  You name it, and we can probably do it.  We produce the best flags on the highest quality material.  Our world class team will work with you to get the product you want at the price you deserve. 

Looking to design a custom banner? Have a specific vision in mind, but no clue how to implement it? We can help!

Our online design program is built to make it easier than ever to build your own banner from scratch, no experience needed. No need for complicated programs or difficult lingo, we’re here to help you make a unique product to suit your every need. Read on for our top tips and tricks, going layer by layer through the design process for a custom banner.

This blog will include a breakdown of our custom designer, and some tips for each step of the design process. For additional questions or to learn more about working with us, contact BestFlag today. 

Why use our Custom Banner Designer?

The number one reason you should consider our custom designer is this: we have worked to create a designing system that is as easy to use as possible. You don’t need to be a professional designer to create something great through our site – you just need a vision! Our custom designer is intuitive and easy to navigate, with all the tools you need to personalize your banner however you’d like. 

How to Start: Our Online Banner Maker Design Tool

Step One: Banner Type

Soft knit, satin, nylon, vinyl, retractable… there can be lots of jargon when you’re ordering your first banner, but we’re eager to help and make the little details easy to understand. Knowing exactly what type of banner you’re looking for is the very first thing you should decide when you begin your design process. No clue what kind you need? Unsure what all these technical terms mean? Luckily, our site is built to showcase everything we have on offer, complete with pictures, sizes, and detailed product descriptions. Have a peruse of the site and see what’s going to work best for you, and that first step of using the designer will be a breeze!

Step Two: Design

This next step can be a lot of fun. Our easy-to-use design tools give you the option to do almost anything with your banner design. With a wide array of custom fonts, colors, and more, you can do just about anything to make your banner unique. Don’t worry, the designer is super easy to use, and is fully kitted out to help you use layering, background images, and various other professional-quality design tools - without any professional design experience needed. You can even upload your own images and artwork, including photos or brand logos!

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Once you’re happy with your banner, you’re ready to go! When checking out, you’ll be able to attach additional notes to your design or order. Anything you want our art representatives to know or any other ways we can help you out, just pop it in a note and we’ll see it. All you have to do now is click ‘Add to Cart’, and just like that your custom banner is ready for us to review, approve, and get right into production. Easy as that!

Get Designing Today to Make Your Perfect Banner

With our custom designer, it’s easier than ever to design a banner to suit your every need. If you’re looking to create your own unique banner, don’t leave it in someone else’s hands. With BestFlag, you’re in control every step of the way, and our system is created to give you as much creative control as possible. So now that you’ve got the basics down, create an account and start your design process today!

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