Single Reverse, or Double-Sided Flag - Which Should I Choose?

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Along with ‘what do these options even mean?’, this is one of our most-asked questions. And for good reason! Many people looking to incorporate flags into their business and advertising strategy can get overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Never fear, BestFlag is here to explain the options and what they mean so you can fly your flag with confidence and pride.

This blog answers what single reverse, and double-sided flags are, and which types best suit certain situations. For further information or to get started on your flag, contact BestFlag today.

Single Reverse Flags

Single reverse flags are the most popular option and our standard print, with 65% of the flags we make being single reverse.

What’s a Single Reverse Flag?

Reverse print flags are printed on one side, showing the image as it’s meant to be presented. The ink prints/bleeds through to the other side, allowing the flag to be recognized from both sides. However, only the front will be the ‘correct’ version, so it’s best used for images without a lot of (or any) text. Reverse print means any text will be shown normally from the front side, and in reverse on the back. In most instances this isn’t a problem, as the human brain can read backwards fairly easily. Plus eyes tend to recognize images and colors before they focus on written words, so the context really helps!

single reverse flag

Why Get a Single Reverse Flag?

Single reverse flags are lightweight and great for flying on flagpoles. The back side is nearly as vibrant as the front, and any difference is barely recognizable at all. They fly and flap well in the wind, as they don’t require as much breeze to move them as double-sided flags do.

Double-Sided Flags

Double-sided flags can be seen as intended from both sides.

What’s a Double-Sided Flag?

Double-sided flags, or two-sided flags, are the same image printed twice on two separate flags, which are then stitched together with a liner sewn in between. The liner provides a type of wall between the two flags, preventing any interference. This allows the flag to be seen the same way from both sides, with all text and images appearing the ‘correct’ way. You can also have two different images printed and made into a double-sided flag so you can showcase two flags in one!

double sided flag

Why Get a Double-Sided Flag?

Double-sided flags don’t fly as well as single reverse flags due to their additional fabric. This also makes them more durable, because they’re made with three pieces of fabric compared with just one. They’re best for using in parades, festivals, rodeos, and other events where it’s important to have both sides be equally visible to your audience. They also work well in stationary positions where you don’t need to factor in wind with their visibility.

What Type of Flag is Best For Me?

If you’ve been unsure which type of flag you or your business needs, we hope this blog has helped you with your decision. While single reverse works well in most situations, there are definitely times that call for double-sided instead!

If you have any questions about your upcoming project or would like further information, please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team at BestFlag today.




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