What's The Best Way To Wash My Flag?

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Stuff happens! Accidents, spills, unpredictable weather – all these things and more can leave you with a damaged flag or banner. We’ve been asked the same questions countless times – is it safe to wash my flag? How can I safely get a stain out? What’s the best way to clean a flag?

Look no further… your answers are here! We’ve written a guide of a few frequently asked questions about flag maintenance and washing tips. Let’s get to it!

This blog is a beginner’s guide to washing and taking quality care of your flags or banners. If you have any further questions or are looking to start designing a custom flag of your own, reach out to BestFlag today.

Should I Hand Wash or Machine Wash my Flag?

Most flags crafted for outdoor use are made of Nylon or Polyester – and both of these are perfectly safe for washing machine use. Handwashing isn’t necessary for either of these materials. To safely put your flag or banner through a machine, we recommend that you use a gentle cycle with cold water, using a standard and mild detergent.

However, if your flag is made of cotton or wool, the safest choice is to wash by hand. These materials are considerably more delicate than others, so will need the extra care! When handwashing your flag or banner, it’s best to use a bathtub or large container to allow the fabric to soak in lukewarm water and an oxygen-based bleach. We recommend leaving it to soak for a minimum of four hours, after which you can rinse out the fabric in cold water. Easy as that!

washing a flag in a washing machine

Is it Safe to Wash Custom Printed Flags?

Yes! It is perfectly safe to wash digitally printed Nylon and Polyester flags. At BestFlag, our digital printing process uses acid-dyed or dispersed dye inks. This essentially means that when your custom designs are printed on to the material, it becomes permanently dyed, so you don’t have to worry about any color bleeding when you properly wash your flags. When they dry, they should look good as new!

How Can I Dry my Flag?

Here’s a top tip of flag/banner care: don’t put it through the dryer!

Always air dry your flag for the best results. Avoiding wrinkles is obviously a big priority to keep everything looking fresh, and our best advice to achieve this is to either lay or hang out your flag flat for the best results. Still finding creases? Feel free to iron your flag or banner on a low heat to keep it looking perfectly smooth.

What are the Best Ways to Keep a Flag in Good Condition?

Wear and tear are inevitable over time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to keep your flag looking as neat and professional as possible. Here are a couple of quick tricks to make your flag last longer with fewer unnecessary washes:

  • Avoid harsh weather! When you can, take your flag inside when there are harsh winds, snow, heavy rain, or other wild conditions. This will minimize the chance of your flag/banner getting weathered, frayed, or otherwise damaged.
  • Always let your flag dry completely before storing it! Putting away a damp flag can cause mold, rotting, and general damage to the quality of the material. Be sure to give your flag plenty of time to air dry completely before folding it up.
  • Be 100% sure of what your flag is made of! Don’t play the odds when it comes to flag care. If your supplier hasn’t made the material of the flag completely clear, and you cannot find a tag to help you figure it out, it’s best to play it safe when it comes to picking the best washing method. Taking your flag/banner to a professional dry cleaner or seeking further advice from the supplier will always be the best choice, even if it takes a little longer.

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