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We’re back with another installment of “Flags of the World” from BestFlag. One of the most simple flags of the world, Denmark, is almost immediately recognizable. Simple, elegant, and straightforward, the flag of Denmark features just two colors and one shape. It’s as good as that.

BestFlag strives for the best. That’s why we only use the industry’s finest dyes, techniques, and digital printers to give you the–you guessed it–best product possible. Our team is made of industry vets, experts, and gurus. We know what the best looks like, and we make it for you.

The flag of Denmark is a red flag with a white Scandinavian cross that covers the expanse of the flag. The center of the flag is just off-center, scooted a bit closer to the left-hand side of the flag toward the header.

The flag of Denmark is the oldest flag of the world, having been used in some form or fashion as early as 1219. This is good to be considered the holder of the world record for the oldest continually used national flag. In 1219, the flag was said to be used in the Battle of Lyndaniesse. From here, the flag was seen more frequently on ships and naval vessels, and eventually, in the 19th century, the flag was being used to represent the nation as a whole.

The flag’s origin story is some iteration of the following:

In the Battle of Lyndanisse, the flag falls from the sky during the battle, then leads the Danish to a victory. The bishop of the time looked over the battlefield and each time he held his arms up, the Danish army advanced. He did this until he had to have help holding his arms up, and when he could hold his arms up no longer, the Danish flag fell from the sky.

The oldest flag, and for sure the best origin story. Now you know.

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